Why? : A Poem

Why are you lying?
If it is to be told
Why are we hating?
If she is to be loved

Everything in your life
You told them to take
Why are you acting?
If it is to be done

We are little creatures
Searching for our home
You can make up tales
But no tale is strong

Give up on the stories
If they are to be known
Why should we care?
If it is to be gone

The river is too deep
For your legs to wade
My heart is too small
To take up the tales

Why can’t we leave?
If we aren’t meant to meet
Why can’t we finish?
If it is not meant to start

Why should we be afraid?
If it is the truth
Why should we pretend?
If it is unlike your tales

Why can’t we stop?
It is not meant to die
Why am I still writing?
If it is not to be told

-Copyright @jahnavigouri


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