A fall hints a rise : A Poem

Keeping me unstable
Keeping me locked
Life is my game
You can’t give me shock

Cutting my wings
Breaking my heart
You can’t shatter my will
I have been through falls

Loving my beauty
Helping my soul
Searching for answers
Deep beside the walls

Hiding the gratitude
We walk through doubts
Brewing the hope
Let’s pass some love

Thunder then rainbow
Dark awaits light
Let’s wait for the future
Still hopeful for bright

Embrace the good
Erase the bad
let’s wait for the time
The clock our guide

Note to dear readers,

We all go through times when we feel nothing is going the way we want. We know we are working hard but no results are showing up. That is when doubt surfaces and we feel like quitting but let me tell you one thing like darkness of night is followed by the light of day every fall is hinting a rise. If there is a fall there will also be a rise. I assure you if you believe you can achieve something and you believe you are worthy to achieve it then you will achieve it. Let’s look for the bright side in things.




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