Fake friends: A Poem

You will find them everywhere
They are in the crowds somewhere
They will think it is fun elsewhere
Never let them be near anywhere

They will laugh at your hard falls
So you see them grinning hard
Don’t be anywhere to break the walls
They will cheat you even if you crawl

They will never cheer from the crowds
They will be near you but no grounds
They think you are no fun to be around
They believe you are no good person to surround

-Jan @jahnavigouri


54 thoughts on “Fake friends: A Poem

  1. Ciao
    Grazie per essere ripassato al mio blog e lasciato i Like.
    Scrivi delle cose molto belle e profonde.
    A tal proposito c è un detto da noi proprio carino sull oro e parla effettivamente di chi è vero e chi è finto.
    Da ora ti seguo perché mi piaci.
    Spero che anche tu seguirai il mio blog
    Intendo come follower.
    Buona serata

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  3. Jahnavi didi , such a true poem. Sometimes, I do a lot of good things – but for the wrong people. Now, I don’t even understand if being kind or maybe being generous is my fault, but that sense of betrayal is urghhhh. keep writing!

    Liked by 1 person

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