Will you quit?

We all have our bad days, when we feel like nothing is going the way we want. That is when our mind will threat us with the most heedless act we can think of: QUITTING. Quitting is simple. A thing every loser can do. You may feel like whatever you are doing right now will not bring you the result you want. Your mind will show you all the ways you can possibly fail. It will tell you how bad your life will be when you try and fail.

Are you going to quit? No, You can’t quit now because there is a possibility that you will succeed. Think about how happy you will be if you win. Think about how much hardwork you have already put into the work you are doing. Move forward because maybe you will just be one step away from success. Maybe success will be just waiting for the right time to knock at your door. Never quit because failing don’t make you look weak but quitting does.


Jan Velvet


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