Happiness: A poetry collab with Betty

Happiness is not just joy
It is something for you to enjoy
It will take sadness and destroy
You will smile better than a schoolboy

When you’re with your friends and family
You’re smiling and feeling so free
When you enjoy that li’l cup of tea,
Happiness is everywhere, if you see

Smiling people, like you and me
They are everywhere you will see
Family will make a smiling sea
Bring them all and smile as deep

Now always remember,
Don’t mind if anyone teases you or whatever,
Your goal is to be the happiest person ever,
For months, for years and hopefully forever.

Hello all! This is Jan. As many of you must have already guessed this is a collab post with Betty (@theboxofwonder). The first and third paragraph is written by me while the second and last paragraph is written by Betty.                      
You can check out her post here
We have also decided to write a surprise Haiku for each other.
Here is mine for Betty:
Bringing happiness through your posts
Happiness spreading through the poem we wrote
An amazing writer you are


37 thoughts on “Happiness: A poetry collab with Betty

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