Fail: A Poem

Maybe I will fail
But I will continue to sail
Even if I see no gain 
I will try again

I may drown in pain
But I won’t cry in vain
I will fly and watch the rain
So I may keep my wail

I now don’t fear the fail
I know how it feels to gain
So I will keep trying again
And hope to see one day the rain

– Jan @jahnavigouri

53 thoughts on “Fail: A Poem

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  2. Chaos is everywhere, so the cosmos and you my dear friend only focus on the best ignoring the rest. So the failing for you is noting but a trap, A trap which can be avoided and if somehow you ever stucked there you can be rescued too. It’s just the matter of your perception πŸ’œπŸ’•πŸ’«

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