Words: A Poem

Words spinning in my mind
I wrote them down every time
Thinking they would somehow rhyme
But they betrayed me most of the time

I waited for them to be more of a kind
But they always captured fully my mind
I dreaded when they went away for a while
But they returned like a promise of time

Reading my words always remind
Me of a time far left behind
In words I somehow always find
A refuge that is otherwise blind

I do love words that do not rhyme
I believe they hold a river of mind
Even though they are not of a same kind
I think words are part of everyone’s mind

– Jan @jahnavigouri


54 thoughts on “Words: A Poem

  1. “But they returned like a promise of time”
    What a gorgeous line, Jan! I do have a certain love for words and I think your poem did a lovely job depicting that certain calling we all feel ❤️

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