Power of Books

I have read many books; even the fairy tales I have read as a child had many lessons to give. Some lessons I learned were valuable, but sometimes they turned out to be useless. Reading has always been an escape from reality for me. When I read I somehow always forget about the chaos of life and find myself going on adventures in unknown lands. Some of these unknown lands will always have a special place in my heart; but some I will, forget with time. Through reading I have met many characters created by wonderful authors. Some of these characters were like me, but some were different. I have met pirates, mermaids, and sometimes even spiders. I believe books have shaped me to be the person I am now. I believe in the power of books.

– Jan Velvet

38 thoughts on “Power of Books

  1. Love this!!
    Brian Greene explains that “we are a species that delights in story. We look out on reality, we grasp patterns, and join them into narratives that can captivate, inform, startle, amuse, and thrill”. Story sits at the heart of what it means to be human, and “without our stories”, says Neil Gaiman, “we are incomplete”.
    Stories are vehicles of veracity. A storyteller is a truth-teller, but it is a truth of a different kind, perhaps, a truth of a deeper kind, a truth not contingent upon history, literalness, or facticity, but upon meaning. Perhaps, it is a deeper and more profound understanding of the meaning of truth. This way of understanding truth, according to Gaiman, says that “truth is not in what happens, but in what it tells us about who we are.” Thus, a teller of stories is the upholder of a sacred, albeit unspoken, oath, an oath to deliver us to a deeper sense of ourselves, and a vow to draw us closer into the radical reality of our alive-ness. Stories and storytellers reveal to us the inner reservoir of truth and meaning that are constantly flowing in us, throughout us, and all around us.
    When we are engrossed within the fictive unfolding of a story, we are pulled out of the normative patterns of daily living and drawn into what seems to be a suspension of โ€œrealityโ€. And yet, somehow, on the other side of our literary meandering we emerge to find the radicality of our realness more fully realized.

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