Life as a desert

We are all wanderers searching for water in a large desert. Some of us die before tasting the sweetness of the water from the river, but the others, who are determined to get to the river atlast, somehow get to it. They would have to walk through days with the hot desert sun looming over them; they would have to stay alive even when the nights threatened to freeze them to death.

While searching for our own piece of river, we make friends with fellow wanderers who happen to cross paths with us and are searching for their own piece of river. They will accompany us, some even motivate us, and in there own ways help us. We will also encounter manipulating thieves in our journey who are waiting for us to just point out our piece of river so they can get there and steal the water before we reach it. They will never succeed in the long run.

Some of the wanderers in the desert become those who when they are one step away from the river and decide to give up. They die without ever tasting the sweetness of water. They are the fortunate ones with unfortunate endings. I hope you keep walking in the desert even when the odds are against you and keep searching for your piece of river.


Jan Velvet

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