My thoughts and my home

Sometimes I just stare into the sky and wonder, how small a being I am in this universe. This universe is a huge place and watching nature and its little wonders has always fascinated me. I always liked to count the colors in the rainbow, even when I know the answer will always be seven. I like to watch the river that reaches my neighborhood through the mountains.

The mountains are the best of nature’s creation. I always like to imagine the day when I will travel to the very top of it. Will the village appear small below me? Will I love that? I had already imagined how wonderful it would be to stand on the very top of it like the shepherds.The shepherds with there huge flock of sheep are always expected visitors in my village.

My favorite thing in the village is the night bonfires we have on festival nights. The festival nights are when I get to hear all those stories from faraway places. Sometimes the stories are told by one of the shepherds; but sometimes it is one of the elders who steals the show. I felt a tug in my heart as I started to descend through the sloppy path. I realized with a shiver that I am leaving this village where I had made many of my childhood memories. Memories that would be unreachable after a time.I knew I would come back here one day and that my villagers believed in me to make a living in one of the foreign lands. The foreign lands are better and more exciting, they say, but my village will forever be my home and my pride. I took a last look at the villagers as I continued walking down the path which will lead me away from my village and to the unknown lands that lay below.

– Jan @jahnavigouri

28 thoughts on “My thoughts and my home

  1. The villages and villagers have the speciality that you can’t find in the cities. I was brought up in a village, now a growing town, I wish could develop and improve it’s conditions.

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  2. Interesting. Having a simple life is definitely a privilege. The breakers and shakers have to deal with the complexity of insane humanity, the brutal fight of this age between good and evil, but I don’t like to put it in those terms and apologized that I have.

    Many grow tired and return to a basic life. We’re all ghosts in the end. I do not feel small when I look into the sky at night. I used to feel a deep emotion of love, even as a young adult. It’s almost as I look up, I get a whisper of, “Hi, there” like it’s talking back. Now my brain is a bit messed up, but I have never felt meaningless to the universe, perhaps just to humanity.

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