The land of dream and nightmare

Sleep lingered in my eyes and I slowly gave in to its calls. The dark shadows inside my head walked me down the path to sleep and I was soon asleep. The darkness slowly led me down a valley, and soon I found myself waiting at the entrance to the land of dreams. I found myself hoping the guardian would let me in, but he never came. I was about to walk away from the gate altogether when I saw another entrance opening up. I noticed that the huge brown door had an air of sadness around it, but nevertheless I found myself walking towards it.

A small voice inside my head told me not to go toward it, but there was another loud voice demanding I should keep walking. The curiosity of what lies inside the entrance was what kept me walking forward. Step by step I was soon in front of it. I regretted not having taken a second thought before stepping inside as I felt a shadow of darkness wrapping itself around me. I closed my eyes and a shiver ran down my spine as I realized with a start where I was. I realized I was in the land of nightmares.

– Jan @jahnavigouri


28 thoughts on “The land of dream and nightmare

  1. Relatable. My dreams have connections with whatever going on in my life.
    For example, dreaming of submitting your assignment when you’re late and submitting it the next morning.
    We need to worry less. Also, there are good topics to dream about. ๐Ÿ˜‡

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