Dreamless: A poem

My dreams have faded 
All wishes now shaded 
Faraway lands now invaded 
My feelings are all now tainted 

Where are the things I seeked?
Life is becoming meaningless to me 
I can’t even see the future, you see
I am trying to see myself free 

Everyone is abandoning me now 
I don’t think about anyone low 
Everything is telling me to row 
But I don’t think I am worthy, you know 

Life is becoming a heartless shell 
I am hiding inside afraid to fell 
I ask, why can’t I move ahead? 
From all the things that are now dead

– Jan @jahnavigouri


52 thoughts on “Dreamless: A poem

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  2. Restart dreaming, with better understanding, more love and “identify” the purpose.

    We’ll fell and broke many times. But that doesn’t stop us from.

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