The Wanderer of unknown: A poem

To where the river flows
The place nobody sees 
To there my secret goes 
When somebody speaks 

To blue gardens in snow 
I alone now flees 
To the hills that we go
When I am no more to be seen 

To the forgotten lands 
I walk through the sand
To the shallow little plants
I had longed to keep in my hand

To the fallen people below 
I bow now very low 
To me for being alone 
I am a wanderer of unknown 

– Jan @jahnavigouri

29 thoughts on “The Wanderer of unknown: A poem

  1. Amazing Jan! Being honest I haven’t opened one of your poems in my reader for a while heh. I’ve been ignoring posts in my reader.
    But I loved this so much. It was beautiful, synced and had a mysterious grin to it.
    Loved this and keep writing Jan!

    Liked by 1 person

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