Escape: A Poem

Hundred thoughts here and there
My feelings now more and more rare
She walked and talked it not fair
Talking aloud she didn’t dare

“They followed me,” the boy then cried
His tears went away but never they dried
He begged her “Please do try.”
But she shooed him away, he then sighed

The villians are not just in fairy tales
They are everywhere don’t you fail
She watched them and their every sails
But he had gotten away from the trails

We should escape before they see
Our life would be useless, don’t you see
The boat is waiting for you and me
We just have to get away from here free

The boy packed his songs and toys too
She took her pens and notes now two
They looked here and there to sew
All the faces that would cry when they flew

– Jan @jahnavigouri


26 thoughts on “Escape: A Poem

  1. Hi Jahnavi,

    Earlier, I used read the ‘words’ of your poem, and try knowing their meaning in my way.

    Now I realise this is not the best approach.

    I congratulate you for creating the lovely ‘theme’ of your poems. 🥳😍

    Liked by 1 person

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