Happy/Sad : A Poem

Smile to the moon
Smile in the gloom
Happiness will bloom
In your mind now soon

Kind to the moon
Kind in every gloom
Kindness will bloom
In your mind now soon

Sad to the moon
Sad in every room
Sadness became gloom
That hung in your mind soon

Blame to the moon
Blame in every room
Blameness became doom
In your heart so soon

Happy like the moon
Happiness in every room
Happiness changing every gloom
Your mind is happy now so soon

-Jan @jahnavigouri

44 thoughts on “Happy/Sad : A Poem

  1. what a great poem Jan so artfully done and truly taking both sides of every coin.
    Reminds me of a fav song. I’d tell you the singer but maybe I’ll post it.. lol 😂
    sneak preview.. xo 💖
    I don’t know why I’m so happy I’m sad, seeing double

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  2. No Matter phase of
    Moon or Gloom of
    Clouds Poetry And
    All Other Arts Are
    How We Sunshine
    Soul Within to Dance
    And Sing Free SMiles
    i Read All Your Poems
    And Liked Them All
    Celebrating A Long
    Form Poem i
    Am Still
    Today In
    Free Verse
    Response To
    Strangers Around
    The Globe SMiles
    Yes All 10.4 MiLLioN
    Words Today 8
    Years 8 Months
    On 4.18.2022
    The Least i Could
    Do is Read And Truly
    Like All Of Yours Hehe
    Considering You Just
    Liked 11 Chapters of
    my Book About 60
    Thousand Words
    Each Comprising
    About 660,000
    Words Two More
    And You Would
    Have Liked Nearly
    As Many Words As
    The Christian Bible
    Holds That Takes me
    On Average Now 7 Months to Write in
    Free Verse
    i Just
    Like to Write
    And Never Ever
    Worry if Anyone
    Likes Or Reads What
    i Write Yet True At Least one Person
    Reads It As it
    Is All An
    Of Poetic
    To Once Strangers
    Like You Who Liked
    So Many of my Long
    Poems So Thanks

    So Much
    For This
    For my
    Soul to
    Grow Even
    More With SMiles Jan🌅

    Liked by 3 people

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