The never-lived: A poem

Hiding behind a mask 
Looking out for a task 
They slept through their lives 

Their dreams forgotten 
Guilt more by them sorted 
They died bearing regrets 

They feared the unknown 
They clutched to every known 
Their passions turned to ashes 

The end came too fast 
They had follies from their past
They called themselves the never-lived

– Jan @jahnavigouri

57 thoughts on “The never-lived: A poem

  1. Everyone wears
    his mask
    to the inside
    and to the outside
    does the human
    not that one
    he becomes a subject
    the inner world
    and the outside world
    the overpowering
    we all do foolish things
    we spoil ourselves
    and others through
    an unconscious deed
    the spirit
    and the soul
    are in us
    not out there
    the soul
    tells us in a dream
    where we their destiny
    in real life
    have lived
    or maybe not

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