New life and new dream

All those broken bridges were scattered around him. Every step he took failed to nothing. A hundred memories flooded into his heart as his eyes looked behind him. His home, his mother and his brothers were all there waiting for him to return. Pictures from his past slowly stumbled up on his mind. Him as a child riding his bicycles. Alhua crying after that bomb raid, and his father saying goodbye to fight for that war he never came back from.

An ache escaped his heart and gripped it with the might of thunder. The music of failure seemed to be singing to his brain but every picture his hands had ever drawn seemed to be praying for his success. They needed him to grow and become the painter he wished to become. His eyes stared at all the new stones drowned in the river. They got their with his every new try to rebuild the bridge. Failure once again, he thought.

His dreams knocked at his heart and asked him to start again. The words of failure slowly disappeared. A prayer for his gods escaped his lips as he moved every new stone to the bridge. The evening sun went down on the other end of the sky and the darkness of the night settled in. It wrapped around him like a warm blanket, and the beauty of his future waltzed around him. The moon shined herself upon the boy’s little frame, and the new unbroken bridge welcomed her. His dreams danced in happiness as he crossed that bridge of life. A new life awaited him elsewhere.

Dreams do come true and lives do change

-Jan @jahnavigouri

34 thoughts on “New life and new dream

  1. Beautifully written! It is similar to a story series I am writing in my blog about oppression and broken dreams but yours captures all the heartbreak so swiftly and mesmerisingly!

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