Life: A Poem

Broken promises lying around
The clocks going round and round
My dreams sinking low and low
I walked around without a flow

Meaningless life, Meaningful lies
Trust shining as a distant line
Happy times, lonely signs
Living in the world without a fine

Mornings to night really fast
Doing things and leaving the last
Walk forward but never turn to past
But the future blurred really fast

People live and then they die
A distant past and feeling high
Living life but filled with sighs
They walked past me without a ‘bye’

-Jan @jahnavigouri


42 thoughts on “Life: A Poem

  1. Deep and beautiful. I love the last line so much. Sometimes poems that are sad are so beautiful compared to others. Love this Jan!!!! And the last line is really just perfect.

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  3. โ€œBroken promises lying aroundโ€

    Youโ€™re poems are so achingly beautiful Jahnavi! Iโ€™ve only read 2 but Iโ€™m in love with them already!

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