Stories: A poem

Do stories grow in the trees
And fall down while in the breeze
Every heart beat frozen and lived
Walls are patched up by grief

Can I walk and cup my hand
So the stories won’t hit the sand
They would be known to the world and
I would sing them through every land

Can I tell stories about stars
That is far away from our mere gasps
Will they flourish in the skies afar
If you keep your stories hidden in a jar

Jars would be too small to keep
Stories that are so powerful and deep
The skies are waiting for the tales to leap
Into the world and far they would reach

– Jan @jahnavigouri


47 thoughts on “Stories: A poem

  1. Your words touched my heart 13 times…..ever so gently,
    I awakened to your silent voice,
    Silent as a sleeping fawn,
    Yet shining bright as the morning dawn,
    Beautiful thoughts from afar,
    No matter who or what you are,

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  2. This is really beautiful. Stories are really to big and strong to put in a jar…the jar would shatter.
    Amazing poem Jan! Loved this! Your poems are always strong and powerful or will bring a smile to peoples faces.

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