Nutshell solitude: A poem

Young and old, living sore
In building high and some very old
Sun in sky, dawn passed to night
I watch as strangers live, then die

Street lamps echoed the misery of times
Shabbiness whispered ancient hymns
Old faces held in a pretend smile
Roads are many, paths, never kind

Sky overhead reflects my soul
Carried by a forgotten hole
The light of stars made me whole
Moon in waltz telling jokes

Better life, we beg in our knee
Things only happen as they should be
Everyday life held to me
As new paths open and joy, I feel

Words of mystery whispered in ear
A familiar rhythm I wish and hear
Falseness held my heart with fear
But happy times are promised to be near

-Jan @jahnavigouri


59 thoughts on “Nutshell solitude: A poem

  1. The sad times serve a purpose. The sad times help us appreciate the happy times. There is much to be learned from solitude. Some people are not comfortable with solitude due to their insecurities from their past. As I have aged and now enjoy the pleasure of solitude, I also enjoy the company of those that I love and that love me. It is a balance. The “BALANCE” is necessary in life and important to me…. Maybe because I am a Libra….the balance scales. I try to appreciate everyone and everything. I do my best….however….it can be a challenge at times. KEEP WRITTING ! IF I HAD YOUR TALENT, THAT IS WHAT I WOULD DO ! WISHING YOU PEACE, GOOD WILL , JOY and CONTENTMENT !
    always your friend,

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  2. There’s a difference in loneliness and being in solitude. Loneliness is lose of hope when you think you’re just one nobody’s got your back. But at the same time when you’re in solitude you enjoy it . So believe in yourself and remember it’s better to be with people who really love you and understand you .


  3. Hi Jahnavi,
    1. Roads are many, paths, never kind
    Hopefully, this week started well.
    There’s time when the world felt clarity, inside and outside my mind.
    But I took a habitual break, the next day.
    And from there, everything started getting worse and worse.
    We all go through emotional breakdown once in a while (week, month).
    But I don’t want get trapped in the situation.
    2. But happy times are promised to be near
    I played my own previously recorded voice; these are some sort of “self-talks”.
    I felt emotionally stable and better.
    Thoughts started flowing.
    Your poems are relatable. I’ve tried to add some of my last week experiences. Thank you for sharing.
    And I added a new page to my diary, why I should not give up in a specific situation in my preparation.

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