By the window: A poem

Moon in my window
I can see that you’re watching me
Soon by my willow
I can hear your voice in the sea

Thousand miles we go
It is not that old little me
Million memories grow
In bend and forgotten trees

Ancient rhythms sow
A tale so old to preach
My mind it sings low
For a nameless land I reach

I see my window
It stands miles away from me
My old bend willow
Your thoughts drown now in my sea

-Jan @jahnavigouri


86 thoughts on “By the window: A poem

  1. The memory remains
    even with your farewell
    without words

    the future
    in the here and now
    the presence
    just a hunch

    the moon leads its circles
    all around Mother Earth

    the moon moves
    and the tides
    the thought
    and dreams

    the little me
    that stays trapped
    the world of the inner world
    since birth
    until death

    the stories
    the ancestors
    written and told

    sometimes appears
    in the dream the mother
    and the father
    I walk my life

    not what I of the world
    I see and I think

    sometimes you touch me
    on the inside
    where you get into me from
    you alienate yourself in me
    I don’t know that


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