Evanescent : A poem

Stairs descend down
Climbing can be tough
Eclipse from my soul
A canvas blank and rough

I hold my wounded heart
In hands made of gold
I ask my mind not to start
Nightmares written so old

Memories made, then buried
History is once more made
Sadness can’t be hurried
In wars, we are afraid

Ink spilled on blank faces
Deceit wait to be seen
Men wonder and stitch laces
In clouds their thoughts lean

World run wild with the wind
Forgotten stories laugh
Mystery our hearts would fill
Hold your groud, may you fall

– Jan @jahnavigouri

“Human life is as evanescent as the morning dew or a flash of lightning”Samuel Butler

48 thoughts on “Evanescent : A poem

  1. Jahna, Please do not go to war with yourself, because even if you win, you lose. Been there , done that !

    Jahna is a poet, soft like the morning dew,
    I see your words.. then hear my thoughts,
    Thoughts that are nothing new,
    Your thoughts are crystal and sparkle like the dawn,
    Deep as the ocean yet soft as a fawn,
    Your wish is to reach out and touch our world,
    Your wish has come true ! Because you do !
    I wish you peace and joy !
    Please ! Keep writing ! They click those cosmic tumblers in my mind.
    I WISH you PEACE and HAPPINESS Jahna !

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