Truth and Lies: A poem

Down down from my reach
I see my past and future free
Lying in an ocean alive
Aspirations that lies can’t feel

A cyclone I got myself on
Thunderstorms, I’m all alone
Rain comes on days unborn
Sun darkens, Moon it drowns

Barefoot on yellow sand
I walk and walk to places mad
Held my words, they grew fast
A smile I wait to see at last

People come and then they go
To where nobody would know
See you soons and lies from bones
Music from silent tones

Do you see me? Oh I do
Can you see me? Oh I do
Answers came, never true
Truth and lies a chain of hue

-Jan @jahnavigouri


21 thoughts on “Truth and Lies: A poem

  1. Beautifully expressed Jan! It has been a long time since I read your poems, so sorry for not being active. Now I am back to your page and it feels really good reading them, it’s comfort ❤️😊❤️

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