A walk down the memory lane

I see the waiters walking here and there. People, they appear and disappear. I watch them talk and see their faces brimming with joy. My own coffee sits in front of me, untouched. I put down the pen and reach for it. I sip the coffee for a little while and put it back on the table. Then I go back to seeing, hearing and observing closely everything around me. 

I am new, my mind echoed. I am new to the place surrounding me fondly. The people, all of them are absolute strangers. They are now painting their faces to my mind for the first time. I would forget, I know that. Memories are made in almost every moment but only some stay in the heart forever. Those are the special ones. The unforgettable ones. 

I remember days when I was truly happy from my past. Days when I have tasted freedom and the kind heart of others. I walked down the memory lane and people from my past appeared. My childhood friends, neighbours and others who had touched my life in unknown ways. I remembered my days with each one of them and a tentative smile bloomed on my lips. I heard their words and conversations from long ago, humming on my lonesome heart. My heart fluttered alive and then suddenly the smile vanished as I was pulled back by reality. I came back to the coffee shop where I sat down at the corner table. All alone with a half finished coffee cup in front of me.

– Jan @jahnavigouri


24 thoughts on “A walk down the memory lane

  1. I am only at the beginning reading you. But already reason enough to return. Your writing as seen so far, has a lovely “rolling” quality to the language. Very attractive in the ear. Suspect you’re a good story-teller too. Till next…


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