Upon the sky: A poem

Away, away from your reach
Resides a dream upon the breeze
Held together by a wish all free
Knitted from the strands of sea
Angry faces I secretly see
High on the clouds and above trees
Looking down right at me
I run from them, holding my dreams

Stones I collect and watch all day
Wishing a pearl to come my way
Months do pass and nothing change
My little dream run wild and stray
I nurture plants and wish flowers to stay
But like a promise they wither away
I wish to dance and feel wind’s play
On my face and upon earth’s wide plain

Wander and wander I truly will
And run away from their unsure grip
Upon me and hundred who had hoped
To win one day and had eventually stopped
So I decide to go on and on
To where my compass takes, it is home

-Jan @jahnavigouri


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