The lady I’d never meet

It was a cloudy day and the sun had long since dissappeared. Me and my best friend decided to have a car ride to the beach. We loved beaches so much and was excited when my cousins who had just arrived from London, two days back offered to come with us. Issac and Annette were twins who displayed outrageous behaviour in my grandma’s sense of words but we did not turn down their wish to accompany us. Hence we got into our car with my best friend offering to drive this time.

The twins eagerly took the seat behind us and promised to behave to our grandma who expressed deep concern. As the music from the radio blasted Issac and Annette started to sing with it and I decided to look out the window and find joy in the sightseeing unlike my friend who decided to grumble about it.

My grandma lived in a countryside and riding through countrysides always gave immense peace to my mind. And it was not just me who shared the thought but even Issac and Annette took the joy to stop their singing once in a while and remark with ‘ooooh’ and ‘Wows’ to everything they spotted in the countryside.

During this time, I took joy in watching the cloudy sky washing away any signs of rain and it was then that I was suddenly called away from the sky to look at a lady nobly dressed in a polka dot dress. The lady was wearing a huge hat that I could not see her face. When I passed her by I thought how there were about no chances I would ever met her again and how maybe I would never see the face behind that hat, like ever. This made me wonder about the uncertanity and mystery that surrounds life itself like a cloak. This was the very thought I pondered over in my mind till me, my friend and my little cousins reached the beach.

-Jan @jahnavigouri

Hi, readers! How are you all doing? This is the first time I am trying my hands at creative non-fiction. I would really like to hear what you think about it in the comments below and also tell me have you ever had such sudden moments when the reality of the world around you came tumbling upon you? See you again in my next post ♥️


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