About Me

"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest achievement"
                                                                                           -Ralph Waldo Emerson

I am Jahnavi Gouri (Jan Velvet). I started this blog to spread positivity and my love for both reading and writing. As you may have already guessed I live in a planet called Earth. Earth is a beautiful and magical place and I consider myself lucky to be born here. Among many other things, I like stories the most. I believe they are powerful. Every single thing around us will have a story to tell us if we decide to look more closely. As a child I still remember being drawn to fairytales especially the Russian ones. Russia and its beautiful stories still amaze me.

I spent most of my childhood days in a countryside which turned me into a person who is really close to nature. I am a nature lover. Even now I spent long hours observing the marvels of nature. I think watching nature somehow refresh my mind. Another thing I love very much other than stories and nature is travelling. Me and my family have lived at many places because of our mutual love for travelling. I like the kind of freedom I get when we travel. Roaming around the world and exploring new places always bring me new ideas.

I like pets and dearly love the two pet dogs that I get to see everyday. When I am not thinking about my imaginary friends you can find me watching over or playing with my pets. That is all I have to say about me. Like everybody else I am also a human being with fears, hopes and insecurities. I believe you will get to know me more through my posts.

You can connect with me on Twitter and Goodreads. I hope you had a great time visiting my blog.

More fun to come !

Jan Velvet