About Me

I am Jahnavi Gouri (Jan Velvet) I started this blog to spread my love for words and reading. I write as a way to calm my chaotic mind. When I cease to speak the right words I write those words out in pen and paper. I usually write about my own observations and thoughts.

I am an avid lover of fairy tales especially the Russian ones. Russian fairy tales with their imagination and beauty has always captured my interest. As a person who spent a good part of her childhood in a countryside, I love nature and its charm. Nature always inspire me and brings tranquility to my mind.

I also love travelling and had lived in many places as me and my family gets fed up living in one place for long. Travelling to new places and learning about different cultures that exist around the world is another thing I love very much.

I hope you would get to know me more through my posts.


Jan Velvet