About Me

Hi dear readers! This is a page that I dedicated with the intention for you to get to know me a little bit more. I am Jahnavi Gouri, sometimes known by the name Jan Velvet in the blogosphere. I am a very typical human being with her share of anxieties, curiosities and wonder towards the world that unfolded to her with full force when she became a teenager. But writing has came to me before the teenage phase and somehow I fell in love with it. It was not like one day I woke up and decided I love writing, it was very much of a gradual process.

I actually was much of that weird kid in childhood, too good and then too odd to have long lasting friendships, then on top of this my parents moving places around often also contributed to me having few friends. I was that one kid with big glasses who always seemed like she was not intrested in games and small joys other kids are interested in, too back in the current trends and lagging behind in the newest releases.  But you know I was never unhappy because I always had a fair share of imaginary friends to keep me entertained and motivated. But still some part of me still feel bad about those days when I have watched other kids playing from a distance and never being able to play myself with them because of me being a stranger in their place.

My favourite colour is the colour red even though I always show my appreciation towards black and white. Red speaks a lot to my personality, that’s why I adore it.

Most of my childhood days were spent with my grandparents in a countryside. The countryside life taught me to appreciate nature and still makes me think of cities as an unkind and lifeless place. My grandparents were very kind and loving people, still when I think about those days a small smile unknowing arrives on my lips.

My love for Russian fairy tales were given to me by my mother who grew up reading them. Whenever she visited me as a child in my grandparent’s house she used to go hunting for her old books and read them to me. It was partially because of the Russian books that I was so eager to learn reading and writing.

In the social sphere, I am the ambivert who enjoys the alone time as well as a day out with friends. I feel like being an ambivert helps me to enjoy the best of both worlds.

I hope you got to know me more by reading this and thanks for reading this much to know more about me. I appreciate your time and also hope you would get to know me more through my posts.

With lots of love