Beg for change: A poem

Hundred broken dreams in sight
I tried to fly but fell in fright
My wished broken, a shallow knife
My lullabies standing at the edge of life

The sky lit up in a thousand lights
I wiped my sadness and watched the night
My future blinking with a cry
A lonely heart mixed with a narrow sky

Every dream I had always kept
Came to haunt me and the wishes crept
I stared at the bridge and quietly wept
The lakes beyond and stars to let

Hundred ways but none in sight
Doors all closed but under it light
Wished for rain and came the night
Past I held on with a shabby might

– Jan @jahnavigouri

Goodness: A poem

Goodness inside me
Good words into you
Goodness I now see
Around myself too

Evil words into me
Goodness I give to you
I think you now see
You have goodness too

Happiness into me
Smiles I give to you
You would like to see
What happiness feels like too

Scowls given to me
Happiness returned to you
You are smiling, see
You are now happy too

– Jan @jahnavigouri

Faded night: A poem

I watched the night sky
The stars blinked and died
Darkness enveloped my mind

The moon became a melody
The night sang a memory
I closed my eyes tight

Nostalgia controlled my heart
A feeling that can’t be taught
The darkness faded away

The dawn now blinked at me
The night I can no more see
It faded like it is meant to be

– Jan @jahnavigouri

Them: A poem

Bottle up again
Love for the one
Made no more gains
Love to you done

Sadness will follow
One day to you
I never did allow
Love left to few

Cry in the darkness
Villains on the sea
Smile in bitterness
That is what they see

Splash in the river
Left to the dead
Never lie to the giver
Who is never fed

I am no stranger
They say to me
Whisper I am danger
Unknown to see

Why waste words
When have nothing to give
Give another curse
And let them see

– Jan @jahnavigouri

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Madness: A Poem

Escape from the rivers
Looking to the mirrors
Watching but to tear
A broken heart clear

Walking only to fall
Dreams once meant to all
Caves closed to call
My name once again pal

Drowning in brokenness
Patching the unwanted mess
Giving in to kind less
Are we living our lives in nothingness?

Clothes teared to darkness
Tears coming to haunt us
Past lost but remembered
Our truths evolving numbered

Life good to no one
Only way filled with darkness
My heart turning to madness
World it evolves around us

Roses crying in the morning
Every smile turned to mourning
Crystal broken to ashes
A new world I wait with patience

– Jan @jahnavigouri

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Keeper of Tales: A Poem

Thousand words penned 
Ten from them only meant 
Waiting for thoughts to be said 
But eventually finding them dead 

Unwritten stories never truly meant 
Lifeless characters made then said 
Finding every hole filled with dread 
Stories cried waiting to be written 

Always a winner I once went 
Wasting my time on things not to be said 
My real self taught to never be fed
That I am just a girl waiting to be led 

Only wrote few words that I truly meant 
No more unusual stories kept again hidden 
I am looking out for things that are different 
To make into tales that won’t be forgotten 

– Jan @jahnavigouri

Yourself: A Poem

Look to the skies and the paradise above
And calm your mind in worries and sorrows
Sing with the wind and the meadows below
But don’t look to the sadness that is lurking above

Ignore the words that the unwise preach
And walk with the tunes that the wise teach
Dance with the smiles that come your way
But don’t care about a word that anger say

Watch above the barriers your mind had made
And walk to the unknown that never fade
Erase fear from your every name
But never erase love that come in your way

Leave people who couldn’t care any less
And walk to those who you love to impress
Look to the bright in every darkness
But learn to first love yourself

-Jan @jahnavigouri

The never-lived: A poem

Hiding behind a mask 
Looking out for a task 
They slept through their lives 

Their dreams forgotten 
Guilt more by them sorted 
They died bearing regrets 

They feared the unknown 
They clutched to every known 
Their passions turned to ashes 

The end came too fast 
They had follies from their past
They called themselves the never-lived

– Jan @jahnavigouri

Girl called dream: A Poem

Over the shallow water she slept
Leaving sparkles when she left
Secrets spilling from her steps
Sparrows singing as she crept

Kindness given kindness you grow
She said as they frowned to her song
Love given love you would sow
She whispered to them well unknown

To the stars and moons above she sang
Moving out as all her memories sank
Hope and wishes blossomed inside her heart
As she walked around the past she once had

Goodness given happiness you get
Sadness to pass you should never let
Her little wishes never caged like some pet
It flourished on the rainbows where dreams slept

– Jan @jahnavigouri