Haters: A poem

Sometimes I think
I am someone else
Does that make me
An evil myself

Sometimes they tell
I am not enough
Will that make me
A fool, let’s discuss

What they tell now
Make no sense
I ask, they tell
I have no good sense

What they think now
I don’t care
Haters everywhere
Let’s beware

– Jan @jahnavigouri

To Belong: A Poem

I don’t know where I belong
Is it somewhere people don’t know
Papa tell me I am so strong
But my friends tell me there is something wrong

People tell me I am not like them
Mama tell me it is my strength
I wonder why they always give me stares
Does that mean I am worth of glares?

They all think my life is bad
That is what they want, so demand
Sometimes I do feel the sand
But I too forget I am being stabbed

Now I don’t care what they see
I am proud to look more and more like me
Because I know there is no another me
Who could do things like I you see?

-Jan @jahnavigouri

High : A poem

Life can sometimes be hard
But you will have to stay calm
You will feel like losing the walk
I will always give you the stars

Letting things go is difficult
If you don’t you can’t rearrange yourself
Things may not give you a result
But you can’t take other’s insult

Pain may stab your heart at times
But nothing rhyme better than hymns
You may walk to see some crimes
But never look back another time

Sleep you may lose thinking about dreams
Your dreams will fulfill wait and see
Sky may seem vast to you and me
But wings do measure them we all see

Let them go they return to you
Clutch them hard they soon leave you
Crying faces may betray you
But give them time that may do

– Jan @jahnavigouri

Blame: A poem

Now I wake up everyday
Thinking it will go away
Something is not in way
I will shatter if it stay

Pages are always empty now
Ink filled pens scattered around
I want past to stay in place
I can’t write without feeling blame

Guilty minds injures heart
Heart want to go back to past
Readily walking nothing can
Take my hurt, blame it want

Blame will impose no wounds small
Walk past it, if you can
Close your ears but never your eyes
Because life do sometimes give you light

– Jan @jahnavigouri

Social Anxiety: A Poem

She don’t know, what they see
Is it a shy girl or is it just she
She walked slow keeping head low
Anxious in mind, afraid of being a kind

Her heart beat fast
She don’t want to look so small
Her tall figure loomed
The dark corridor walls

She was locked in a room
Afraid they will want to zoom
She kept her voice low
Keeping her head flow to bow

Strange she was
They told her to talk
Butterflies in mind
Anxious in kind

The boys gave a confused stare
The girl eyes fixed a glare
She walked out gaining names
Noone thought she did it to gain

– Jan @jahnavigouri

Thunder: A poem

Touch me
You will feel
Wounds that
Will not heal

Look at me
One more time
Something that
will not rhyme

Take me to
Your heart
And never
Take another

Store me
somewhere safe
I will say
something far away
A small bird
you will say
Hidden but
always will stay

Look at me
Time and time
Maybe you will
See my heart
Slowly chime

Thunder, Thunder
Lighting strike
Lonely mind
Pain stabbed kind

– Jan @jahnavigouri

Now a hundred: 100 follower special!

Now we had reached
Now we could see
A hundred looming around

Dreams not just a wish
Dreams fulfilled
A hundred people to mark

The day I did start
Never did I hope
To see a hundred shining back

A joy to my heart
A thanks to those people giving me stars
I give you my gratitude

Friends I made here
Poets and word weavers
I will give you my best

A heart speaking thoughts
A thank you to those
Who keep giving me hope

– Jan @jahnavigouri

We reached a 100 followers! I still can’t believe it. I dedicate my above poem to all those lovely bloggers who support me and continue to give me hope through all your lovely comments. I can’t thank you all enough. You all are so wonderful. I will forever be grateful to you! Words can’t express how much joy I feel now. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

Rose : A Poem

Why are roses still red
When they throw us on the mud
Come on say some luck
You always gave us bad luck

The rain it fell on us
Day and night then again
Where is the girl in red
The never ask us it in mud

I am a little rose with heart
You hurt me like the moon and stars
They thought to unknown minds
And always some meant crimes

You gave a name to me
And threw me one day to sea
My thorn it broke with hurt
A rose does wither one day

You blamed us then for our red
The worries then came us flood
A cloth to tie your wound
I am a rose who stayed on road

– Jan @jahnavigouri