Pretend Princess: A Poem

A forest girl she was
Sprinkling dust from her hand
Marigold flowers slowly sang
She is the princess of this land

The blue flowers bloomed atlast
Her hairs twinkled as if in a task
She had eyes loveliest of all
She became the princess of their land

She smiled better than all the stars
The sun itself loved her little flaws
She sang songs unknown to her land
Her voice was something better than hands

She was someone who loved the wind
Her little hands swayed with its every hint
She once said it was all so thin, the way we talked and the way she will think

She smiled and said joy will last
Her land liked her for her little laws
She cried at nights thinking about fatal lows
At morning pretending to be like they know

– Jan @jahnavigouri

Regret: A Poem

I think they now know
All the things I kept unknown
I wish they hadn’t heard
All the things once unheard

I heard the way she talked
Like she knew what I thought
I saw the way she walked
As if she is planning to make me talk

I wanted to apologise
But I thought I was far too wise
I knew I would pay the price
For doing what I had done now, thrice

After I left them fast
I can feel the way the girl will laugh
I knew they had found out last
About the things that would tear me apart

I wish they wouldn’t tell her now
About all the things she will one day know
I wish my feelings won’t show
When I cried inside for the things I know

– Jan @jahnavigouri

Castle in the moon: A Poem

Castle in the moon 
I danced in your tune 
I walked, counted to two
Then came the lovely blue 
A castle in the moon 
I now saw the moors 
Down in the hillside dunes 
Making a lovely hue 
My castle in the moon 
I wandered with a balloon 
Thinking about things in spoon
I now know how to improve 
My only castle in the moon 
Looking good in june 
I knew about your tunes 
The way you played with runes 
My castle in my moon 
I know you miss me too 
I wandered down to you 
But you just asked me who

– Jan @jahnavigouri

My thoughts and my home

Sometimes I just stare into the sky and wonder, how small a being I am in this universe. This universe is a huge place and watching nature and its little wonders has always fascinated me. I always liked to count the colors in the rainbow, even when I know the answer will always be seven. I like to watch the river that reaches my neighborhood through the mountains.

The mountains are the best of nature’s creation. I always like to imagine the day when I will travel to the very top of it. Will the village appear small below me? Will I love that? I had already imagined how wonderful it would be to stand on the very top of it like the shepherds.The shepherds with there huge flock of sheep are always expected visitors in my village.

My favorite thing in the village is the night bonfires we have on festival nights. The festival nights are when I get to hear all those stories from faraway places. Sometimes the stories are told by one of the shepherds; but sometimes it is one of the elders who steals the show. I felt a tug in my heart as I started to descend through the sloppy path. I realized with a shiver that I am leaving this village where I had made many of my childhood memories. Memories that would be unreachable after a time.I knew I would come back here one day and that my villagers believed in me to make a living in one of the foreign lands. The foreign lands are better and more exciting, they say, but my village will forever be my home and my pride. I took a last look at the villagers as I continued walking down the path which will lead me away from my village and to the unknown lands that lay below.

– Jan @jahnavigouri

The princess: A poem

The princess with a crown
Laces decorate her gown
She sat on her brilliant throne
Smiling ignoring the frowns

She looked upon them all
Talking about things tall
They praised her in every call
While the cat played with the ball

They talked about her flaws
But they liked all her laws
They kept her as a dawn
And now liked her for her flaws

– Jan @jahnavigouri

Wish: A Poem

The stars at sky I watch
Lifting my fingers as if to catch
Water of hope now in hand
I wish to have some sort of wand

Melodies in mind fly low
Memories in heart now flow
Breaking the glass like a floor
I rushed to find nothing but door

Wishes flowing now in my head
Prizes I want always to be lend
Shying of tears, like in dread
I walked by the door wishing in my head

– Jan @jahnavigouri

Dolphins: A Poem

Dolphins, Dolphins on the sea
I see them, see them, far they seem
Blue waves, blue waves flowing keen
Low sky, low sky smile in glee

Dolphins, Dolphins on the sea
Good smiles, good smiles leaving gleam
Far, far mountains, their hearts buried
I love them, love them now you see

Dolphins, dolphins on the sea
Counting, counting now to three
I know, I know ships they mean
I see, I see you must flee

– Jan @jahnavigouri

Travel: A Poem

The shadows are growing
My heart is falling apart
The thrones are bruising
My time is passing fast

Loneliness is turning
My mind to sand
The sand is flying
I collect them in my hand

I draw with an ease
I seem to find
I somehow teased
The last second of my mind

I fastened my pace
The clouds are moving fast
I saw it in a daze
I got there at last

– Jan @jahnavigouri

Lies deeper: A poem

Brown eyes hiding anger
One thought on my mind linger
Smiles hiding lies darker
My heart turned more blanker

Searching places for their name
Words making sounds all same
Time passing future lame
I paused and watched all his games

Eyes softer telling things kind
The short walk bruising my mind
Dropped the glasses made to find
Lies deeper we all hide

– Jan @jahnavigouri