Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found its words .

-Robert Frost

The Song of Life : A Poem

The song of wild
holds a cry
The song of wind
make you fine
The song of thunder
make you hide
The song of birds
make you smile
The song of water
make you dive
The song of sorrow
make you feel
The song of rain
make you fine
The song of day
make your sake
The song of sky
make you fly
The song of praise
make you raise
The song of bed
make you sleep
The song of dream
make you shine
The song of you
make your life.

– Jan @jahnavigouri

Monsoon : A Poem

With monsoon came the tender rose

With monsoon came careless leaves

With monsoon came Uncle Wind

With monsoon came Aunt Fire bolt

With monsoon came drizzling rain

With monsoon came sleepy nights

With monsoon came tender love

With monsoon came happy time

With monsoon came life on earth.

– Jan @jahnavigouri

Flowers: A Poem

The trees are dancing with the crown they have

The flowers are flying on my face

I just smile, I could feel the bliss

Happiness is something I feel now

The leaves floating behind me

The winds are dancing giving its beauty

The flowers are singing, but I couldn’t hear

They just whispered they love me

The flowers are here making the spring

The winter is coming making me happy

My thoughts are in the air like the flowers I saw.

I just like to love the crown the trees have

– Jan @jahnavigouri

Palace of snow: A Poem

Here you’re, at the palace of snow

Higher than the mountains

 Deeper than the sea

Wilder than the forest

Calmer than the lake

Beautiful than the fields

Prouder than the winds

There lived a princess as fair as snow

She has golden hair like rays of sun

Her eyes were darker than clouds

The Palace of snow was happier than the sky

Who smiles at the moon and gives a grin

One day the fairy of heaven sees the palace of snow

And she turns herself into snow

To live in the roots of the Palace of snow

To turn it to the Palace of sorrow

Because of the beautiful fairy who turns to snow

The lovely princess in the palace cried in grieve

Days and days passed

The palace of snow turned to palace of sorrow

– Jan @jahnavigouri