Light would come: A poem

Different, different scream so loud
Inside and outside, comical sound
You aren’t like us, they call out
You can’t be like me, then I shout

People are cruel, yes sometimes
We can’t change them,  never try
Let them think, what they like
You hold your head, up very high

Squirrel, squirrel walk like the mouse
If you walk like that, you aren’t cool
If you say that, then you are the fool
One can never be another, that is truth

Thoughts we have different ones
We laugh with our loved ones
Night passes then comes the sun 
Darkness would pass, light then comes

– Jan @jahnavigouri

Tale of mystery: A poem

I see a window, as I stand by the road
Who live there? I would never know
It is never open but always closed
I looked up again then walked back home

People can weave crazy tales  
Ever believing stories, they would say
Why weave tales, when no gains
I wish to ask them again and again

Back at home, I dwell upon thoughts
About closed windows and doors
I ponder about mysteries unsolved
And little things never solved

The next morning, I went again
I can say with not much gain
The closed window, so it lay
I walked back home once again

I still walk back through the road
To see if the window remains closed
Who live here? I still don’t know
Never ending tales it really grows

– Jan @jahnavigouri

A walk down the memory lane

I see the waiters walking here and there. People, they appear and disappear. I watch them talk and see their faces brimming with joy. My own coffee sits in front of me, untouched. I put down the pen and reach for it. I sip the coffee for a little while and put it back on the table. Then I go back to seeing, hearing and observing closely everything around me. 

I am new, my mind echoed. I am new to the place surrounding me fondly. The people, all of them are absolute strangers. They are now painting their faces to my mind for the first time. I would forget, I know that. Memories are made in almost every moment but only some stay in the heart forever. Those are the special ones. The unforgettable ones. 

I remember days when I was truly happy from my past. Days when I have tasted freedom and the kind heart of others. I walked down the memory lane and people from my past appeared. My childhood friends, neighbours and others who had touched my life in unknown ways. I remembered my days with each one of them and a tentative smile bloomed on my lips. I heard their words and conversations from long ago, humming on my lonesome heart. My heart fluttered alive and then suddenly the smile vanished as I was pulled back by reality. I came back to the coffee shop where I sat down at the corner table. All alone with a half finished coffee cup in front of me.

– Jan @jahnavigouri

Truth and Lies: A poem

Down down from my reach
I see my past and future free
Lying in an ocean alive
Aspirations that lies can’t feel

A cyclone I got myself on
Thunderstorms, I’m all alone
Rain comes on days unborn
Sun darkens, Moon it drowns

Barefoot on yellow sand
I walk and walk to places mad
Held my words, they grew fast
A smile I wait to see at last

People come and then they go
To where nobody would know
See you soons and lies from bones
Music from silent tones

Do you see me? Oh I do
Can you see me? Oh I do
Answers came, never true
Truth and lies a chain of hue

-Jan @jahnavigouri

Greeting the future: A poem

Careless of the future
The wind up in the sky
Trees murmur whispers
To past, I say goodbye

Lilies bloom and nurture
Promises made in cries
A rose, a lonely picture
Hundred thousand lies

I am carefree as a sparrow
Singing its lovely hymn
Free of every sorrow
My past, I could glorify

I hope for the best now
Happiness dance to rhymes
A beautiful tomorrow
I wait without a sigh

– Jan @jahnavigouri

Odd one : A poem

I watch from a distance
Their smiles, laughs and pain
It was a party for a reason
From ashes it was made
Deaf are some people
The others dance in rage
Joy played on a good stage
But from heart it never came

Voices played on my heart
I would never be the same
Eyes glanced at my way
Gesturing me to play

I smiled as if I enjoy
Singing in their stage
My heart ridden of any joys
The end was so away

A watch I held in my hand
Counting at the time
Minutes turned to hours
Like counting over one dime

The end did came at last
I felt so free and saved
From parties made from ashes
And fiends waiting for a play

– Jan @jahnavigouri

Unpredictable life

I watch from my bedroom window. The neverending roads below stare back at me with open arms. I counted the people below with my fingers. One, two and three. They left their footprints with the hundred that have been printed there before them. I tried to see their faces, but failed mercilessly. I guessed that one of them was a child, and the tall woman walking beside him was his mother. They disappeared from the sight of my eyes as quickly as they came. I pondered over the fact that I may or may not see them ever again.

The low creaking of a gate opening, pulled my eyes to the house opposite my own. My neighbor appeared through the gate, and he too, started walking through the road. He stopped under the streetlamp and sat down on the chair under it. His eyes wandered through the pages of a book.

I stared above over at the sky. The evening had already turned to the early stages of the night. I pulled my curtains over my window, my mind still thinking about the quietness of the night and the unpredictability of the journey called life.

– Jan @jahnavigouri

Dulcet of ambivalence : A poem

Oceans, drown my thoughts
Feel the wind up in the sky
Aimless hands, they did fought
To wipe the tears of a cry

Closed my eyes, so fast
Darkness echoed in my mind
Voices came at last
But the one I wanted, I can’t find

White walls became my prison
Deaf people, they only listened
Answers turned to questions
Words I ceased to find

Routines glued to the heart
No one knew I was smart
Foolish me, I wanted to walk
Nobody listened, I never talked

– Jan @jahnavigouri

Red lady: A poem

I watched her every day, the lady in red
She held an old umbrella above her head
She had a frozen smile, joy it fed
To those people who came around her

She lived in a house of red brick walls
It had great many poignant halls
I once walked around it, when I was small
With a neighbour who used to be very tall

The red lady soon became red no more
Her red dresses turned shabby and sore
For a smile, people now implored
A new madness, she explored

She now glared down the door
Sadness circled her eyes in four
“Our red lady, where has she gone?”
Glances said together in a tone

One day we saw the red lady no more
I heard rumours she was gone
To where and when nobody knew
Her house was locked and it remain till now

– Jan @jahnavigouri

Evanescent : A poem

Stairs descend down
Climbing can be tough
Eclipse from my soul
A canvas blank and rough

I hold my wounded heart
In hands made of gold
I ask my mind not to start
Nightmares written so old

Memories made, then buried
History is once more made
Sadness can’t be hurried
In wars, we are afraid

Ink spilled on blank faces
Deceit wait to be seen
Men wonder and stitch laces
In clouds their thoughts lean

World run wild with the wind
Forgotten stories laugh
Mystery our hearts would fill
Hold your groud, may you fall

– Jan @jahnavigouri

“Human life is as evanescent as the morning dew or a flash of lightning”Samuel Butler