The flower and the tower: A poem

People surround you, the flower
Like the butterflies in spring
While I stand, a solitary tower
All alone in a lonely hill

I watch you and tears rush by
As I would never be your like
To have so much friends
That you have ones you would dislike

Then one day when the time was dark
When there was no sun for awhile
You went all down, all to dust
Then I saw that you have but died

Then the people went in line
To the new flower that came up
Without even a glimpse to your side
They surround the new one, all up

Then I knew there was joy indeed
To be a solitary tower
Than to have friends for a while
And have them disappear in a shower

-Jan @jahnavigouri

Hi dears, how are you all doing? I was a bit busy with many obligations of my life that I was not able to post anything for a long time. This is a poem that I wrote about how we compare ourselves to others without actually knowing the reality of things. Remember the grass always looks greener on the other side but it is rarely true. I hope you would like it ♥️

Little Girl: A poem

She gathered up thorns, from her past
And carried it while the breeze sang
She walked and walked, oh so fast
Till she reached her den to a dance so grand

Her home was small but a weary nest
Away from sadness and pain and dread
In her home, the little girl would rest
Then to sleep and to dreamlands she led

Her mind was filled with daydreams grand
Of happiness and joy, and mythical lands
And how she would be the queen herself
When the time had come and misery fled

She made sand castles with her thoughts
And when the waves lashed up, they were gone
Poor little girl cried in vain and then hope
Never to regain her sand castles all lost

Her dreamlands turned dry and then were gone
To where the little girl would never ever follow
She cried and heard her none but a few
She cried for wishes, she wanted to be true

Jan @jahnavigouri

Scream and a cry: A poem

When the fire ablaze dies down
And the water comes rushing to town
There is ashes left, black and brown
Calm and open, waiting for the cloud

It is a no-man’s oath I now preach
Heading to somewhere dark and steep
I would fall down to the hollow deep
Waiting for prisoners, years to keep

I am going back to the devil’s land
Where I won’t find a good kind hand
People are selfish and half dead they stand
Upon the house that lives demand

I am going back to the oblong ground
Where goodness has died, evil surround
I am in a ride in a merry-go-round
I won’t get off as the screams get loud

Ties of horror, many are the crimes
Torn lives in darkness, disappear the time
Black coats and living souls reach the sky
Everything I hear is a scream and a cry

-Jan @jahnavigouri

The knight of the sea : A poem

Love in the sky I waited for 
Sadness in the sea I seek
Watching my anger take its toll
I walked away from anger’s peak

Tantrum followed me everywhere
Life came to me for thee
Present is what I am waiting for
I am the knight of life’s sea

I escaped from the land of goals
Feelings from heart I preach
Latching my life of locks
Happiness I would someday teach

Love to the moon and stars
The universe embraced me
The nights of nothing but calm
I am someone to be seen

The knight of the sea I am still
My armour became the sea
One day to the sea I would go
And would only return to thee

– Jan @jahnavigouri

Ephemeral : A poem

I could only sit and watch
The night as it slowly pass
Moon blinked away so fast
Am I caged or free at last?

I could never utter truth
Wishes buried under roots
Trees are branched up to roofs
Few are weak, never sure their foot

Proud or crying out in pain
I watch as everything fade
Stars and moon all away
Tears dripped and appear a way

Way to nowhere, sure it was
Wondering whether to lose or grasp
Threads are fragile and lies are plans
Moon disappear, slowly the stars

-Jan @jahnavigouri

A new morning : A poem

A shade of gray in the sky
“Morning coming,” says a cry
Darkness lifts as moon says bye
Light showers at right time

Sun is in an orange hue
Sky is no longer the darkest blue
Trees are lit and birds they sing
Then fly over high with little wings

Light spreads slow and slow
Chirping of birds heard loud and low
Sun now shine up in the sky
It’s morning, open your lazy eyes

Morning is bright and free
I look at the sky and feel the breeze
Sorrows are old while love is seen
A day of mystery, calls for me

– Jan @jahnavigouri

Even the darkest night will end and the Sun will rise.

– Victor Hugo

Prologue: A poem

Hundred people in the room
My face holding all the gloom
Withered flowers was once a bloom
Aching, shaking misery loomed

Windows held brilliant views
Clocks ran as time went soon 
Faces held in smiles and hues
I lost music dancing to their tune

People, people all around
Nobody came to make a sound
I was from the other town
They whispered but all aloud

I was there but nobody could see
Standing by the wall was little me
Laugh and play, sway in the tree
Fly away soon, while in the breeze

– Jan @jahnavigouri

Rainy Day: A poem

I went on a walk a rainy day
A hundred memories came to play 
I asked the rain to stay with me
As I drowned myself in a past unseen

An old path lay infront of me
I slowly walked like through a sea
I stretched my arms to catch the breeze
An unforgettable memory this would be

I painted pictures in the rainy sand
No bystanders there to watch
I smiled at myself and then the land
Waters splashed down from my hand

I then walked back to my tent
As it was the home I now dwelled
I went back through the rainy bends
A joyful memory in my head

Beyond and forever I would say
And remember about this rainy day
When rainy waters failed to stay
Anywhere but in my heart it still lay

-Jan @jahnavigouri

Far away lands: A poem

With wet feet I would run down the stairs
My footsteps echoes in the hall
Then I would disappear, fast and fair
I won’t listen to their calls

Past the buildings lined with misery
A bullet staring at the heart
I would compose a contrast elegy
Away and away, I would then float

I would run to that moddish meadow
And grasslands standing there tall
I would never return to that old willow
To joys and sorrows small

Here I would leave people far behind
A hidden rock in the banks
I would put in my pocket there to remind
My past falling through the cracks

Rhymes to the sky I would sing
Then a lullaby one for the sad
Then to the broken branches I cling
Away I would go to far away lands

– Jan @jahnavigouri

Mystery: A poem

Nostalgia drummed, memories old
Heart intese, a piano song
Radio played a tune unknown
People today, ancient towns

History recited, kings and queens
An old civilization, not to be seen
Today’s and tomorrow’s, falling leaves
Miracles hung above bending trees

I read through verses of joy and pain
They walk me down a historical lane
Many many truths walking unpaid
Old sayings become my guide

Wings wounded fly above the sky
Stories alive inside every mind
Scars surfaced in tales erased by time
They walk on mysteries, no one to find

– Jan @jahnavigouri