Mystery: A poem

Nostalgia drummed, memories old
Heart intese, a piano song
Radio played a tune unknown
People today, ancient towns

History recited, kings and queens
An old civilization, not to be seen
Today’s and tomorrow’s, falling leaves
Miracles hung above bending trees

I read through verses of joy and pain
They walk me down a historical lane
Many many truths walking unpaid
Old sayings become my guide

Wings wounded fly above the sky
Stories alive inside every mind
Scars surfaced in tales erased by time
They walk on mysteries, no one to find

– Jan @jahnavigouri

Blue as dusk: A poem

Eyes twinkle, stolen glitter
I wonder, they chat
Speak now and ask never
Teach them not to start

Hands together hold water
As they slip through, the crack
Mirrors fall and they shatter
Bruises in painted gaps

Ink stains and lost meadows
Endangered little hearts
Lost diaries, dark pirates
Ships sank, waters sad

Howling winds, copper breeze
Heart hollow, sadness freeze
Goodness came, I can’t release
Lone as ocean and dusk, my tea

Sun in brown, moon in blue
Nature gave its charm to you
Yellow silk, pretty hue
Happy times would arrive soon

– Jan @jahnavigouri

By the window: A poem

Moon in my window
I can see that you’re watching me
Soon by my willow
I can hear your voice in the sea

Thousand miles we go
It is not that old little me
Million memories grow
In bend and forgotten trees

Ancient rhythms sow
A tale so old to preach
My mind it sings low
For a nameless land I reach

I see my window
It stands miles away from me
My old bend willow
Your thoughts drown now in my sea

-Jan @jahnavigouri

Golden Cage: A Poem

I asked for pebbles as I fell to the sand
Wickedness exploding in a kind looking hand
I walked away from my one and only land
Loneliness has now become my magic wand

Sky is dark as the night came by
Stars twinkled as my mind asked why
Dungeon of sadness, foolish I
Misery, misery I could never say bye

A land of happiness awaits me
A way to get there I don’t seem to see
Monsters of dark is now clutching to me
I always fail when I try to flee

Once kind people have turned distant now
Smile with a cost, I don’t know how
Distant is good and came fragile love
Fly away, fly away my precious dove

I have waited for something meant to be
Bonded in a golden cage, I tried to flee
A new path opened but just not lovely to me
As it was not the path, I have waited all my life to see

– Jan @jahnavigouri

Is That Nobody Really Me, My poem got published at Spillwords Press

Dear readers,

I am so pleased to announce that my poem ‘Is That Nobody Really Me’ got published at Spillwords Press. I am honored to be accepted by such a prestigious magazine like Spillwords. Thanks to Dagmara. K and everyone at Spillwords’ team for accepting and publishing my work. It is truly a dream come true for me.

“The tress whispering secrets
As I walked through the path
The land washed away my sadness
And my heart slowly fell apart

Wind rhymed with melodies
That lost and became an elegy…..

You can visit Spillwords and read my full poem here. Thank you very much for reading. I am so grateful for your support.


Jan @jahnavigouri

Now one thousand: 1,000 follower special

A hundred we reached sometime ago
Now one thousand we have reached
A journey of about a year, it truly was
Happiness as I look back and see

Thankful to those who encouraged me
Thorough comments from across the sea
Thanks to those words, that made me smile
I would forever be thankful to these

Posts I wrote and stars you gave
Every star always mattered to me
I read many posts from great many poets
Their words were learnings for me

We started at zero but now are a thousand
A beautiful thousand, we all now see
A future so bright, waiting from us
I am thankful for the support you gave me

– Jan @jahnavigouri

We reached 1,000 followers! I still can’t believe it. All of you have supported me so much in the past year. Your kind words and likes truly made this happen. I started this blog as a place to spread my love for writing and reading. The fact that we went from 0 to 1,000 is truly amazing. I would have never reached this milestone without your support. Every comment and every like matters. I would forever be grateful to you. Thank you so much❤

Beg for change: A poem

Hundred broken dreams in sight
I tried to fly but fell in fright
My wished broken, a shallow knife
My lullabies standing at the edge of life

The sky lit up in a thousand lights
I wiped my sadness and watched the night
My future blinking with a cry
A lonely heart mixed with a narrow sky

Every dream I had always kept
Came to haunt me and the wishes crept
I stared at the bridge and quietly wept
The lakes beyond and stars to let

Hundred ways but none in sight
Doors all closed but under it light
Wished for rain and came the night
Past I held on with a shabby might

– Jan @jahnavigouri

Goodness: A poem

Goodness inside me
Good words into you
Goodness I now see
Around myself too

Evil words into me
Goodness I give to you
I think you now see
You have goodness too

Happiness into me
Smiles I give to you
You would like to see
What happiness feels like too

Scowls given to me
Happiness returned to you
You are smiling, see
You are now happy too

– Jan @jahnavigouri

Happy/Sad : A Poem

Smile to the moon
Smile in the gloom
Happiness will bloom
In your mind now soon

Kind to the moon
Kind in every gloom
Kindness will bloom
In your mind now soon

Sad to the moon
Sad in every room
Sadness became gloom
That hung in your mind soon

Blame to the moon
Blame in every room
Blameness became doom
In your heart so soon

Happy like the moon
Happiness in every room
Happiness changing every gloom
Your mind is happy now so soon

-Jan @jahnavigouri

Hope (Hopeless): A Poem

All my wishes would come true see 
Look there Look here now to free 
I am walking slowly don’t you see 
My dreams My dreams waiting for me

Look now Look now far in sight 
I can’t see you in my fright 
My love and sorrows dark in light 
I watch they watch moon in night 

Hear me They see I can’t save 
Nobody Nobody looking brave 
I hope they hope life is strange 
Maybe Maybe life would change 

Before I hoped to dance in tune 
Life it turned falling too soon 
Now my only solace in this gloom 
Is I still watch the roses bloom

– Jan @jahnavigouri