Haters: A poem

Sometimes I think
I am someone else
Does that make me
An evil myself

Sometimes they tell
I am not enough
Will that make me
A fool, let’s discuss

What they tell now
Make no sense
I ask, they tell
I have no good sense

What they think now
I don’t care
Haters everywhere
Let’s beware

– Jan @jahnavigouri

Happiness: A poetry collab with Betty

Happiness is not just joy
It is something for you to enjoy
It will take sadness and destroy
You will smile better than a schoolboy

When you’re with your friends and family
You’re smiling and feeling so free
When you enjoy that li’l cup of tea,
Happiness is everywhere, if you see

Smiling people, like you and me
They are everywhere you will see
Family will make a smiling sea
Bring them all and smile as deep

Now always remember,
Don’t mind if anyone teases you or whatever,
Your goal is to be the happiest person ever,
For months, for years and hopefully forever.

Hello all! This is Jan. As many of you must have already guessed this is a collab post with Betty (@theboxofwonder). The first and third paragraph is written by me while the second and last paragraph is written by Betty.                      
You can check out her post here
We have also decided to write a surprise Haiku for each other.
Here is mine for Betty:
Bringing happiness through your posts
Happiness spreading through the poem we wrote
An amazing writer you are

Feather of Hope

We all go through times in our lives when we feel like we can’t move forward anymore because all our hardwork don’t seem to be paying off. All our effort seem to be for nothing. That is when we should take a moment to stop and look more closely into our problems. When we do that we will find something inside all our worries and sorrows. Something that was invisible to us till that very moment. Look more closely into all our sorrows we will find a small feather of hope waiting for a receiver.


Jan Velvet

Will you quit?

We all have our bad days, when we feel like nothing is going the way we want. That is when our mind will threat us with the most heedless act we can think of: QUITTING. Quitting is simple. A thing every loser can do. You may feel like whatever you are doing right now will not bring you the result you want. Your mind will show you all the ways you can possibly fail. It will tell you how bad your life will be when you try and fail.

Are you going to quit? No, You can’t quit now because there is a possibility that you will succeed. Think about how happy you will be if you win. Think about how much hardwork you have already put into the work you are doing. Move forward because maybe you will just be one step away from success. Maybe success will be just waiting for the right time to knock at your door. Never quit because failing don’t make you look weak but quitting does.


Jan Velvet

Tomorrow: A poem

Heart is beating faster now
Mind is going far than low
Piercing cries stopping growth
My fingers unveiled a tale so old

What will happen when I grow?
Will I still be fond of goats
What will happen when time stop?
Will I still jump above the drops

I now wonder things all the time
Future holding unknown pines
People around glaring all time
Do they think I am so old to climb

Will they cage me if I fly?
I am still young their words don’t lie
I am now counting stars at night
Thinking they will take me out of this plight

– Jan @jahnavigouri

Fake friends: A Poem

You will find them everywhere
They are in the crowds somewhere
They will think it is fun elsewhere
Never let them be near anywhere

They will laugh at your hard falls
So you see them grinning hard
Don’t be anywhere to break the walls
They will cheat you even if you crawl

They will never cheer from the crowds
They will be near you but no grounds
They think you are no fun to be around
They believe you are no good person to surround

-Jan @jahnavigouri

House of slaves: A poem

The house of slaves
Beckons you to behave
You will die, try misbehave
Ladies in white
Dancing without rhyme
The boys with knives
Tried to escape crime

They close your eyes
So you only see the lies
Their wands will swing
So you are no longer wise

They are witches without heart
They will feast on your heart
They tell you aren’t smart
And will take away your art

They will surely teach
So you no longer preach
They want you to stay
So they can make you their tray

They will want you to cry
So they can take away your smile
They are waiting to see you back
So they can laugh like a sack

-Jan @jahnavigouri

They think: A Poem

I don’t want to write
I don’t know what is right
I like watching night
Does that mean I am unknown to light

My thoughts seem to sink
My mind is a fragile string
I don’t know what to think
Do you think it is time to rethink

People say I am being mean
I don’t know what they mean
People say don’t you lean
Maybe when they fall I will see

Everything seem worthless now
Does that mean I cannot grow
I am waiting a rise you know
But they all think it is unknown

– Jan @jahnavigouri

To Belong: A Poem

I don’t know where I belong
Is it somewhere people don’t know
Papa tell me I am so strong
But my friends tell me there is something wrong

People tell me I am not like them
Mama tell me it is my strength
I wonder why they always give me stares
Does that mean I am worth of glares?

They all think my life is bad
That is what they want, so demand
Sometimes I do feel the sand
But I too forget I am being stabbed

Now I don’t care what they see
I am proud to look more and more like me
Because I know there is no another me
Who could do things like I you see?

-Jan @jahnavigouri