Travel: A Poem

The shadows are growing
My heart is falling apart
The thrones are bruising
My time is passing fast

Loneliness is turning
My mind to sand
The sand is flying
I collect them in my hand

I draw with an ease
I seem to find
I somehow teased
The last second of my mind

I fastened my pace
The clouds are moving fast
I saw it in a daze
I got there at last

– Jan @jahnavigouri

Lies deeper: A poem

Brown eyes hiding anger
One thought on my mind linger
Smiles hiding lies darker
My heart turned more blanker

Searching places for their name
Words making sounds all same
Time passing future lame
I paused and watched all his games

Eyes softer telling things kind
The short walk bruising my mind
Dropped the glasses made to find
Lies deeper we all hide

– Jan @jahnavigouri

Old: A Poem

Sadness consoled 
A heart so old 
Happiness dissolved 
a tale unknown 

I walked quietly 
feeling gold 
But their looks told me 
I am quite old 

I kept eyes down 
Feeling low
I hid tears now
Time you show

Tomorrow is better 
Love unsold
Age don’t matter 
Then the echoes told 

– Jan @jahnavigouri

Just a dream: A Poem

I walked through the sky
Feeling my hands above high
I jumped down then fly
My heart will not lie

I looked down and spied
All the hills making a sigh
The girls around me cried
Feeling the wind so dry

I smiled then I laughed
Hatred disappearing like a blast
I danced and I cried
It was a dream I woke up and smiled

-Jan @jahnavigouri

What is Life?

Sometimes life is like a city. Everything is so busy and loud and you will find yourself trying to fit in somewhere. Sometimes life is like the sea. It is calm and beautiful and it will surprise you with its every wave. Sometimes life is like the desert. It seems unending, sad and depressing. Overall life is mysterious and also unpredictable but that is the fun of it.


Jan Velvet