Will you quit?

We all have our bad days, when we feel like nothing is going the way we want. That is when our mind will threat us with the most heedless act we can think of: QUITTING. Quitting is simple. A thing every loser can do. You may feel like whatever you are doing right now will not bring you the result you want. Your mind will show you all the ways you can possibly fail. It will tell you how bad your life will be when you try and fail.

Are you going to quit? No, You can’t quit now because there is a possibility that you will succeed. Think about how happy you will be if you win. Think about how much hardwork you have already put into the work you are doing. Move forward because maybe you will just be one step away from success. Maybe success will be just waiting for the right time to knock at your door. Never quit because failing don’t make you look weak but quitting does.


Jan Velvet

High : A poem

Life can sometimes be hard
But you will have to stay calm
You will feel like losing the walk
I will always give you the stars

Letting things go is difficult
If you don’t you can’t rearrange yourself
Things may not give you a result
But you can’t take other’s insult

Pain may stab your heart at times
But nothing rhyme better than hymns
You may walk to see some crimes
But never look back another time

Sleep you may lose thinking about dreams
Your dreams will fulfill wait and see
Sky may seem vast to you and me
But wings do measure them we all see

Let them go they return to you
Clutch them hard they soon leave you
Crying faces may betray you
But give them time that may do

– Jan @jahnavigouri

Fear : A Poem

I kept my voice low
I kept my mind hidden
Fearing it may turn your head

I walked with secrets
My voice turned to whispers
Not sure when you will glare with dread

My heart no longer tender
My pace no longer sure
Strong windows shaking in terror

My terror turned to fear
As truth turned to stones
And lies made men disappear

Fearing for my life
Fearing for my world
Fearing everything will
change when I open my eyes

Fearing this won’t end
Fearing I will live without a mend
Fear is a thing you never can end

– Jan @jahnavigouri (Love13Reading )

Passion : A Poem

I have a passion in my heart
For something nobody can see
I have a passion for words and ink
A passion nobody heard from me

I watched as my desire fluttered by
For the moon with its giddy self
My passion always shined
When I felt like I want to hide

My passion is the air I breath
When life gave goodbyes to me
My passion is the precious hope
As long as my heart has its will to beat

Dear readers,

Everybody in this world has a talent or a passion which we cannot live without. A passion that is like breathing to us. It can be music, cooking or even reading. Passion is priceless. Passion gives us energy and happiness. Let’s chase our passion and find happiness.


Jan (Love13Reading)

A fall hints a rise : A Poem

Keeping me unstable
Keeping me locked
Life is my game
You can’t give me shock

Cutting my wings
Breaking my heart
You can’t shatter my will
I have been through falls

Loving my beauty
Helping my soul
Searching for answers
Deep beside the walls

Hiding the gratitude
We walk through doubts
Brewing the hope
Let’s pass some love

Thunder then rainbow
Dark awaits light
Let’s wait for the future
Still hopeful for bright

Embrace the good
Erase the bad
let’s wait for the time
The clock our guide

Note to dear readers,

We all go through times when we feel nothing is going the way we want. We know we are working hard but no results are showing up. That is when doubt surfaces and we feel like quitting but let me tell you one thing like darkness of night is followed by the light of day every fall is hinting a rise. If there is a fall there will also be a rise. I assure you if you believe you can achieve something and you believe you are worthy to achieve it then you will achieve it. Let’s look for the bright side in things.



Fairy tales: A Poem

Fingering the hurt
Mentoring my heart
Lovely dancing crowns
Fallen deep beneath

Kingdoms drowned in sea
Princess born from pea
The wonder in my eye
Hidden tales inside

Land in childish joys
Still dancing in my heart
The dandelions and prince
Then princesses lost

Wintry frosty rooms
Hidden in those moors
Water waving loves
Then once upon a times

Fairy tales they called
The fairly handsome tales
The joy and love and dreams
They gave once a while
Still lies in my heart
A joy everytime

– Copyright Jan @jahnavigouri (Love13Reading )

Mirror: A Poem

Mirror, lovely mirror
What do you see?
Do you see a girl ready to dream

Mirror, lovely mirror
Can you see my frown?
Can you see the jewels that still adore my crown

Mirror, lovely mirror
Can we play a game?
Can we play a game to end your nasty ways

Mirror, nasty mirror
Will you shatter today
You always shatter the hopes that I carry everyday

Mirror, Oh! Mirror
I am leaving you today
My hopes and sorrows and everything I leave with you today

Mirror, lovely mirror
I want you back today
I want to see my lovely face shining in your light again

– Copyright – Jan @jahnavigouri

In bad times : A Poem

Can I change sometime
The cruel play of life
The cliff we stand quiet then
The one of undying dread

You be kinder I be kind
The life is cruel we can’t cry
Just ease your mind and
Do the right
The life is wise you will find

We chose to quit
The life is wise
You can’t blame
The life tonight

The life is cruel
But it is kind
Let’s spread some good
And flow with light
So we can fly and
Cross the plight!

-Jan @jahnavigouri