Stranger: A Poem

Why are you doing this?
If we never can be friends
A stranger always leaves
As apple leaves believes

False hope never gain
A friendship made to regain
The goodbyes faraway
Cannot stay every day

The rusting hope in heart
The love and gratitude
Filled my heart in hope
A hope to hide the lies

I never wanted to meet
You never thought to cheat
You came as moon in night
You always hide in light

– Jan @jahnavigouri (Love13Reading )

Help : A Poem

Lend a hand, Help a heart
Make a tune of hope
A small good deed
Change their Lives
What are you waiting for?

Take a tear change to laughs
You made and gave desire
Sorrowful glance later smile
I will give a bow to you

Cruel words will go and come
Lend them your hand in need
You cannot change
the mind of bad luck
But change the cries, then
You are a master indeed

– Copyright @jahnavigouri

Path to unknown : A Poem

Where will you lead me to
Will you end in the deep sea
Can I feel the waves then
Will you give me the sweet breeze

Where will you end my unknown path
Is there a stop to you
I wish to make a turn now
Can you take me to clouds

I wish to touch the sky
I wish to cross the marble stairs
Will you stop the glimmering stars
If I give you the silent moon

I can feel the breeze from here
I can see the islands far
Can you take my loneliness back
If I promise the sea to you?

-Copyright @jahnavigouri

Searching: A Poem

A wanderer I become
As the night light fall
Lamp in my hand
I search for unknown

Buried beneath the walls
There lies the secret crown
Searching for it
We have walked all along

A window lies above
The straight huge walls
I wish to reach its
Uncovered bars

The night with moon
Powered the shining stars
Small footsteps
I made in scary dark

Gloomy night I spent
without a hint of hope
A wanderer I become
To hide my faults
At night I travel
For things unknown

Copyright @jahnavigouri