In bad times : A Poem

Can I change sometime
The cruel play of life
The cliff we stand quiet then
The one of undying dread

You be kinder I be kind
The life is cruel we can’t cry
Just ease your mind and
Do the right
The life is wise you will find

We chose to quit
The life is wise
You can’t blame
The life tonight

The life is cruel
But it is kind
Let’s spread some good
And flow with light
So we can fly and
Cross the plight!

-Jan @jahnavigouri

Help : A Poem

Lend a hand, Help a heart
Make a tune of hope
A small good deed
Change their Lives
What are you waiting for?

Take a tear change to laughs
You made and gave desire
Sorrowful glance later smile
I will give a bow to you

Cruel words will go and come
Lend them your hand in need
You cannot change
the mind of bad luck
But change the cries, then
You are a master indeed

– Copyright @jahnavigouri

Path to unknown : A Poem

Where will you lead me to
Will you end in the deep sea
Can I feel the waves then
Will you give me the sweet breeze

Where will you end my unknown path
Is there a stop to you
I wish to make a turn now
Can you take me to clouds

I wish to touch the sky
I wish to cross the marble stairs
Will you stop the glimmering stars
If I give you the silent moon

I can feel the breeze from here
I can see the islands far
Can you take my loneliness back
If I promise the sea to you?

-Copyright @jahnavigouri

Searching: A Poem

A wanderer I become
As the night light fall
Lamp in my hand
I search for unknown

Buried beneath the walls
There lies the secret crown
Searching for it
We have walked all along

A window lies above
The straight huge walls
I wish to reach its
Uncovered bars

The night with moon
Powered the shining stars
Small footsteps
I made in scary dark

Gloomy night I spent
without a hint of hope
A wanderer I become
To hide my faults
At night I travel
For things unknown

Copyright @jahnavigouri