We never knew back then: A poem

I remember days when we were younger
We thought the world was so unkind
You used to tell me it would be better
When we grow up and then we will find

We then thought what they were living
Is a life that was made up so fine
But now we look back and ponder
Then miss those young days of our life

I remember those sweet candies
That we would sneak on our way to school
Now I could only look back sadly
On how we left each other with no news

The goodbyes said on one bad Friday
Turned out as one for forever soon
We were just five stupid kids back then
Thinking forever could really be true

-Jan @jahnavigouri

Deceived : A poem

The night speaks of the coldness
The day has gifted me in its hands
The loneliness drips from my window
I open eyes to see where they would land

This day I was shredded to pieces
By hands that I once called my kin
Before I never minded the teases
But from you, they feel like my sin

Friend, you were in my darkness
The hand holding the light
My heart was taken by your kindness
I was blinded from the ugly side

The mask fell of the minute
He told everybody what were your crimes
I was then the one to ensure
That he was the one, you are the kind

They believed me as they did you
Alas, then I never knew your ways
But I now I know for sure, this
For saving you I was the one to blame

Now I could feel the aftermath
Coming to hit me standing in shame
The words you uttered were nonsense
But they believed just as I did back in the days

I could now only stand and wait
For time to slowly start replaying your game
Then I won’t be the one to run
And you the one feeling that same pain

-Jan @jahnavigouri

To a friend: A poem

I have never known anyone like you
To remind me there is still beauty to be lived
You had bought me once to tears
When you asked me ‘Why don’t you feel?”

We would’ve been the best of friends
If I have known you a little bit more
But then the world came crashing down
And the viruses had their stroll

I said I would never write about us
But now I miss you the most
When I see friends all around me
And think about the ones I lost

I know you must have new friends now
And your sisters must be now all grown
We don’t talk anymore but
That don’t mean our friendship is gone 

Do you still think about me when
Someone talk about the colour red
And how we strolled through the gardens
And sang during classes instead

If you ever want a friend then
Remember you always have a friend in me
I hope on some of your tranquil moments
It would be my face that you’d see

-Jan @jahnavigouri

The flower and the tower: A poem

People surround you, the flower
Like the butterflies in spring
While I stand, a solitary tower
All alone in a lonely hill

I watch you and tears rush by
As I would never be your like
To have so much friends
That you have ones you would dislike

Then one day when the time was dark
When there was no sun for awhile
You went all down, all to dust
Then I saw that you have but died

Then the people went in line
To the new flower that came up
Without even a glimpse to your side
They surround the new one, all up

Then I knew there was joy indeed
To be a solitary tower
Than to have friends for a while
And have them disappear in a shower

-Jan @jahnavigouri

Hi dears, how are you all doing? I was a bit busy with many obligations of my life that I was not able to post anything for a long time. This is a poem that I wrote about how we compare ourselves to others without actually knowing the reality of things. Remember the grass always looks greener on the other side but it is rarely true. I hope you would like it ♥️

To be a child again: A poem

I would sit here forever, if I could go back to the childhood I had lost
To the little joys that were heaven and the ones that haunted like ghosts
I would go back again and be unaware of the injustices our world host
But this dream I would never fulfil and so I throw it by the rocks

I wish to view the world again, my innocence will be my dock
A little girl can keep her sadness hidden, smile will be my cloak
I shall never wonder about the time or the many looming clocks
I would just go on slowly and slowly away with the worldly flow

I used to make paper aeroplanes and fly them high but not up to the sky
When misery came to knock at my door, I used to silently cry
Nothing pained me more than saying momentary goodbyes
To those I loved dearly and the ones I would never see another time

I still remember the days when everything was gold and nice
When everything you wished for came with no price
When everything you wanted was happiness and good smiles
If I could get my childhood again I will walk miles and miles

I want back those days when the Russian tales shaped my world
When my grandma’s soft voice telling tales was the only thing I heard
Those days when I picked up the old dusty books and the pages turned
Words were my best friends and taught me everything I learned

-Jan @jahnavigouri

Childhood is a fleeting time, indeed. Isn’t it?
This poem was written as a response for the poetry completion 2023 hosted by Write the world.

Garden of lost thoughts: A poem

A garden of lost thoughts, I now guard
They want to get out and it is so hard
To keep them down and call them unsmart
To pretend I hate them and cry at last

I try to hold them but away they dart
To a place where pretence could not last
I cage them so they won’t have to start
A story of something lost in the past

Pictures of happiness they draw in my mind
When world bides for the cruel and unkind
Footsteps of a time when I tainted my side
And fled from good and told many lies

These thoughts roam my streets all tied
They jump and dance but they won’t rhyme
If I let them out, they walk me back in time
To days when I was hurt and said I’m fine

-Jan @jahnavigouri

As war raged: A poem

The sky slowly brought darkness
My mind a turning sea
I walked looking for a quietness
But found my life too deep
Leaving my homeland as war raged
The dark enveloping my heart
I asked, “Will this ever stop?”
Silence answered me

My country turned to ashes
As soldiers paraded into streets
Beauty turned to blackness
As bombs rang as the greets
Children becoming homeless
In time too short to treat
My only hope in this hopeless
Is that the sun still rises in the east

-Jan @jahnavigouri

Unpredictable life

I watch from my bedroom window. The neverending roads below stare back at me with open arms. I counted the people below with my fingers. One, two and three. They left their footprints with the hundred that have been printed there before them. I tried to see their faces, but failed mercilessly. I guessed that one of them was a child, and the tall woman walking beside him was his mother. They disappeared from the sight of my eyes as quickly as they came. I pondered over the fact that I may or may not see them ever again.

The low creaking of a gate opening, pulled my eyes to the house opposite my own. My neighbor appeared through the gate, and he too, started walking through the road. He stopped under the streetlamp and sat down on the chair under it. His eyes wandered through the pages of a book.

I stared above over at the sky. The evening had already turned to the early stages of the night. I pulled my curtains over my window, my mind still thinking about the quietness of the night and the unpredictability of the journey called life.

– Jan @jahnavigouri

Red lady: A poem

I watched her every day, the lady in red
She held an old umbrella above her head
She had a frozen smile, joy it fed
To those people who came around her

She lived in a house of red brick walls
It had great many poignant halls
I once walked around it, when I was small
With a neighbour who used to be very tall

The red lady soon became red no more
Her red dresses turned shabby and sore
For a smile, people now implored
A new madness, she explored

She now glared down the door
Sadness circled her eyes in four
“Our red lady, where has she gone?”
Glances said together in a tone

One day we saw the red lady no more
I heard rumours she was gone
To where and when nobody knew
Her house was locked and it remain till now

– Jan @jahnavigouri

Mystery: A poem

Nostalgia drummed, memories old
Heart intese, a piano song
Radio played a tune unknown
People today, ancient towns

History recited, kings and queens
An old civilization, not to be seen
Today’s and tomorrow’s, falling leaves
Miracles hung above bending trees

I read through verses of joy and pain
They walk me down a historical lane
Many many truths walking unpaid
Old sayings become my guide

Wings wounded fly above the sky
Stories alive inside every mind
Scars surfaced in tales erased by time
They walk on mysteries, no one to find

– Jan @jahnavigouri