Past : A poem

I see by the river, a tree
Many great branches hanging free
Right by the riverbank, I see
A waning moon and then me

It is by this river, I loved to sit
At a past so old, a true gift
It is by this river, I had filled
My mind with wishes, which is now still

Life’s rhythm had gone uphill
When melodies broke and joy filled
A thread so old and sacred, shed
I drowned myself, as sadness fled

Leaving everything I now run
Walking away from the hand with the sun
Past shattered and then it sank
To memories went the riverbank

– Jan @jahnavigouri

Stories: A poem

Do stories grow in the trees
And fall down while in the breeze
Every heart beat frozen and lived
Walls are patched up by grief

Can I walk and cup my hand
So the stories won’t hit the sand
They would be known to the world and
I would sing them through every land

Can I tell stories about stars
That is far away from our mere gasps
Will they flourish in the skies afar
If you keep your stories hidden in a jar

Jars would be too small to keep
Stories that are so powerful and deep
The skies are waiting for the tales to leap
Into the world and far they would reach

– Jan @jahnavigouri

Is That Nobody Really Me, My poem got published at Spillwords Press

Dear readers,

I am so pleased to announce that my poem ‘Is That Nobody Really Me’ got published at Spillwords Press. I am honored to be accepted by such a prestigious magazine like Spillwords. Thanks to Dagmara. K and everyone at Spillwords’ team for accepting and publishing my work. It is truly a dream come true for me.

“The tress whispering secrets
As I walked through the path
The land washed away my sadness
And my heart slowly fell apart

Wind rhymed with melodies
That lost and became an elegy…..

You can visit Spillwords and read my full poem here. Thank you very much for reading. I am so grateful for your support.


Jan @jahnavigouri

Girl of light: A poem

She knew her life was wounded
She glided on its broken wing
Her dreams crept a bit haunted
Love and happiness she sings

Drowning on her mind all alone,
thoughts wept in the mist
Her dreams glittered high above
A marvelous tale its gift

She cradled her fragile heart
A song blooming in it
She is a star amidst the dark,
a wonderful twinkle she lit

The universe in her life,
were stories given as a gift
Those tales whispered high above,
her name was what the stars lit

Her smile still glitters the sky
In darkness she never sit
The light she was, amidst the darkness
She was the universe’s gift

– Jan @jahnavigouri

World of lies: A poem

Where, where did the good people go?
How, how did the world become sore?
Why, why are there wars at every shore?
While children, our children cried ashore

The cruel, the cruel escaped the heat
The kind, the kind died in the fleet
The love, the love started to deceive
As every eye turned colder in greed

Hate bloomed while love withered
Roses, they lied and died with her
Children cried as lies splattered
Their last hope torn and soon scattered

The statue of the world is tainted now
I stare at my moon and we asked how
Hearts made of stone but never love
Peace fluttered away with its dove

Powerful minds are cruel under shore
My words are dark but truth they told
Happiness cried together now as four
Old rules broken and cruelty poured

Know your worth while the kingdoms sway
Hold your breath as the cruelty play
Their games of hate would soon go away
Live with hope and truth you must say

– Jan @jahnavigouri

Life: A Poem

Broken promises lying around
The clocks going round and round
My dreams sinking low and low
I walked around without a flow

Meaningless life, Meaningful lies
Trust shining as a distant line
Happy times, lonely signs
Living in the world without a fine

Mornings to night really fast
Doing things and leaving the last
Walk forward but never turn to past
But the future blurred really fast

People live and then they die
A distant past and feeling high
Living life but filled with sighs
They walked past me without a ‘bye’

-Jan @jahnavigouri

New life and new dream

All those broken bridges were scattered around him. Every step he took failed to nothing. A hundred memories flooded into his heart as his eyes looked behind him. His home, his mother and his brothers were all there waiting for him to return. Pictures from his past slowly stumbled up on his mind. Him as a child riding his bicycles. Alhua crying after that bomb raid, and his father saying goodbye to fight for that war he never came back from.

An ache escaped his heart and gripped it with the might of thunder. The music of failure seemed to be singing to his brain but every picture his hands had ever drawn seemed to be praying for his success. They needed him to grow and become the painter he wished to become. His eyes stared at all the new stones drowned in the river. They got their with his every new try to rebuild the bridge. Failure once again, he thought.

His dreams knocked at his heart and asked him to start again. The words of failure slowly disappeared. A prayer for his gods escaped his lips as he moved every new stone to the bridge. The evening sun went down on the other end of the sky and the darkness of the night settled in. It wrapped around him like a warm blanket, and the beauty of his future waltzed around him. The moon shined herself upon the boy’s little frame, and the new unbroken bridge welcomed her. His dreams danced in happiness as he crossed that bridge of life. A new life awaited him elsewhere.

Dreams do come true and lives do change

-Jan @jahnavigouri

Now one thousand: 1,000 follower special

A hundred we reached sometime ago
Now one thousand we have reached
A journey of about a year, it truly was
Happiness as I look back and see

Thankful to those who encouraged me
Thorough comments from across the sea
Thanks to those words, that made me smile
I would forever be thankful to these

Posts I wrote and stars you gave
Every star always mattered to me
I read many posts from great many poets
Their words were learnings for me

We started at zero but now are a thousand
A beautiful thousand, we all now see
A future so bright, waiting from us
I am thankful for the support you gave me

– Jan @jahnavigouri

We reached 1,000 followers! I still can’t believe it. All of you have supported me so much in the past year. Your kind words and likes truly made this happen. I started this blog as a place to spread my love for writing and reading. The fact that we went from 0 to 1,000 is truly amazing. I would have never reached this milestone without your support. Every comment and every like matters. I would forever be grateful to you. Thank you so much❤

Betrayal: A poem

Memories surfaced, sadness it led
Mistakes made, tears they shed
Happiness to take, a lake of dread
Betrayal done and guilt it fed

Placing a bit of sand in hand
I took it then and your magic wand
Words from me, like you want
You made yourself a truthful land

Now those words shoot back at me
At that moment it shouldn’t be
Your mind took notes, unknown to see
I buy it now, how foolish of me!

Secrets placed somewhere deep
You took it out wickedly
A foolish heart, poorly leaped
It broke too fast and fell in heaps

I learned a lesson, good to me
Now seeing something, I haven’t seen
Never trust words from a place so lean
Your betrayal looming in my sea

– Jan @jahnavigouri

Beg for change: A poem

Hundred broken dreams in sight
I tried to fly but fell in fright
My wished broken, a shallow knife
My lullabies standing at the edge of life

The sky lit up in a thousand lights
I wiped my sadness and watched the night
My future blinking with a cry
A lonely heart mixed with a narrow sky

Every dream I had always kept
Came to haunt me and the wishes crept
I stared at the bridge and quietly wept
The lakes beyond and stars to let

Hundred ways but none in sight
Doors all closed but under it light
Wished for rain and came the night
Past I held on with a shabby might

– Jan @jahnavigouri