Faded night: A poem

I watched the night sky
The stars blinked and died
Darkness enveloped my mind

The moon became a melody
The night sang a memory
I closed my eyes tight

Nostalgia controlled my heart
A feeling that can’t be taught
The darkness faded away

The dawn now blinked at me
The night I can no more see
It faded like it is meant to be

– Jan @jahnavigouri

Dislike : A Poem

My heart has a hole
Now making me whole
It is the one you stole
At that time my life was a pole

Iron is darker than coal
My life seem like a doll
The thunder is taking its toll
But I am moving so tall

You call me a thief
As if it will give me any grief
You say things so brief
But it only make my belief

A loner at the sea
Somewhere my eyes can’t see
To the haters looking to me
I don’t believe whatever you say you see

Move forward faster than a blink
Give no time for the haters to think
Their words will fade faster than a wink
Then they will look at you and blink!

– Jan @jahnavigouri

Fun : A Poem

Maybe there is fun
Gentle beating run
Making me a ton
Joy and hope then fun

What makes you smile
What will make you hide
Need a bit of fun
From time and time again

Money gives you pride
Life is no simple ride
Tough times knock sometimes
A fun will make you smile

What joy without fun
In life some have good run
Others cries without sun
But stop and have some fun 

-Jan @jahnavigouri

Mind The Wanderer : A Poem

Days had passed, life I have
Without a word to speak the cold
Lovely sweets on the wand
Without one to take and eat
Pussy cats lovely pets
Don’t take the cat for once
Buttercakes and butterflies
Can’t take my mind off the lies
Silly things I once told
Can’t you take your mind out of them
I am here I am lost
Lead the way I will follow you
Onto the woods near the trees
Lovely times we once had
Pretty socks and greyish shoes
Take the oath and let me go.

Copyright @ Jahnavi gouri 2021

Sleepless night : Creative writing

Ava’s eyes shot open. “HELP!!” she shouted and looked around. She could feel her heart beating hard against her chest. It was just one of her nightmares. She pushed the blanket away and slipped out of the bed. The rain was slashing against the metal roof.
She walked to the only window in the old room and opened it.
“It was a strange dream.” She whisped to herself.
In the dream there was a girl who was begging for help. She didn’t help the girl and watched her die. That was all she remembered. 
The night sky was cloudless. The old clock in her room ticked as the time passed by. Ava was unable to get the strange girl out of her mind.
Suddenly almost unexpectedly something caught her eyes. Someone on a black cloak was standing below on the ground. She let out a shriek.

Copyright @ Jahnavi gouri 2021

Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine : Book Review

I like fairy tale adaptations this one is just wonderful !! A wonderful new turn to the old Cinderella story. Ella is given the gift of obedience by Lucinda, the fairy who intetent to bestow a gift but the gift turned out as a curse. Ella always  has to be obedient , she has to obey all orders whether she is willing to or not . But it is not that easy when she knows at anytime, anyone can order her to hop on one foot or cut off her hand. Ella’s quest to break the curse is funny, poignant and truly enchanting. With the wonderful writing style and thrilling plot this book is just amazing. This book has everything fairy tale lovers will love from giants, ogres and fairies to wicked stepsisters.

Recommended to anyone who loves fairy tale adaptations.

Stars : 4/5

Reccomended age level: 11 and up.

Front Desk by Kelly Yang: A Book Review

I absolutely loved this book !!! Powerful realistic story about immigrant life. This story is heartwarming. I liked it very much. The main character is admirable. I loved Mia. She is not perfect but real. The writing style is capturing and simple. Amazing read !! Must read.

Reccomended to every reader young and old.📕

Age Level : 10 and up.

Broken lies : A Poem

I want to break the windows

So I can see the light

You can’t keep me locked for long

I now have wings to fly

Lies you can bury me in

I have the sky to care

I am keeping my lips locked for once

But that don’t mean I don’t care

I know the truth is falling

You cannot win this game

You chew on my scars now

But all my faith in you is gone

The day is still in coming

You think you can hurt me now

Beware! The day is waiting

I have the moon to praise

There will be a day when

I will have the light to shine

You can’t keep me locked then

Your windows will be broken lies!

Copyright @ Jahnavi gouri 2021

All rights reserved

A Reader’s Diary Entry

Dear diary,
The streets had bustled with its crowd but me who sat under the oak tree moved the pages of my favourite book with my tender fingers. Another day had arrived and it is going to end soon. Time is moving faster than I thought. The curtains moved and revealed the moon again. The distant moon is crescent tonight. How wonderful the world is ! Today is World Book Day. I read all day long. Exploring the beautiful world that M.G Leonard and Sam Sedgman had created. The beautiful story came to picture in my wild imagination. It was a story set on a train. A mystery in train solved by a twelve year old. Who doesn’t want to read a good mystery once in a while. I don’t have any friends except one, books.
I still don’t know how we met. Sometime in the past I fell in love with books. Many people say a reader live a thousand lives while others live only one.It is true.

I have came across many characters in my reading journey – talkative ones like Anne Shirley, quiet ones like Beth March, smart ones like Matilda, courageous ones like Miri Larendaughter, determined ones like Esperanza Ortega and many many more. It will be hard to name them all in these few pages.

Fairy tales like Rapunzel, Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella had captured my imagination when I was young. My favourite fairy tale stories are the Russian ones.

As a toddler I have loved stories about Ivan and Maria Moraivna. Stories stay with us for a long time, it had for me. Everyone should read books according to me.
If they don’t they are missing out something totally wonderful.

My favourite book is the Charlotte’s web by E.B White. It made me cry. It made me smile. It was sad but still I love it. I can’t imagine a world without books.

How horrible life will be if there are no stories. Everything has a story. It will be hard if we can’t share it. Books increase our horizon of thinking it helps us to look at the world from an other person’s perspective. Books had transformed me in a phenomenal way.

I want everyone to read books and acquire the knowledge it has to offer. A world without books will be like a river without water. How bad that will be.

Oh! The the clock has just struck 10…
I should go to sleep.

Good night dear Diary !

  • Copyright @ Jahnavi Gouri 2021
  • All rights reserved