Lies deeper: A poem

Brown eyes hiding anger
One thought on my mind linger
Smiles hiding lies darker
My heart turned more blanker

Searching places for their name
Words making sounds all same
Time passing future lame
I paused and watched all his games

Eyes softer telling things kind
The short walk bruising my mind
Dropped the glasses made to find
Lies deeper we all hide

– Jan @jahnavigouri

Smile: A Poem

Smile to the trees
Smile to the sea
I smile to everything
I see around me

Smile to the leaves
Smile with the beats
Smile on your victory
From all the thieves

Smile is a gift
A gift to shift
Bad days to good days
And sadness will drift

Smile not to gain
But smile to regain
The happiness you lost
The smile is its cost

– Jan @jahnavigouri

Words: A Poem

Words spinning in my mind
I wrote them down every time
Thinking they would somehow rhyme
But they betrayed me most of the time

I waited for them to be more of a kind
But they always captured fully my mind
I dreaded when they went away for a while
But they returned like a promise of time

Reading my words always remind
Me of a time far left behind
In words I somehow always find
A refuge that is otherwise blind

I do love words that do not rhyme
I believe they hold a river of mind
Even though they are not of a same kind
I think words are part of everyone’s mind

– Jan @jahnavigouri

Old: A Poem

Sadness consoled 
A heart so old 
Happiness dissolved 
a tale unknown 

I walked quietly 
feeling gold 
But their looks told me 
I am quite old 

I kept eyes down 
Feeling low
I hid tears now
Time you show

Tomorrow is better 
Love unsold
Age don’t matter 
Then the echoes told 

– Jan @jahnavigouri

Fail: A Poem

Maybe I will fail
But I will continue to sail
Even if I see no gain 
I will try again

I may drown in pain
But I won’t cry in vain
I will fly and watch the rain
So I may keep my wail

I now don’t fear the fail
I know how it feels to gain
So I will keep trying again
And hope to see one day the rain

– Jan @jahnavigouri