One day I will escape

She was trapped in her own thoughts without a way out. Her past lingered in her mind, a shadow of a memory. She knew that the darkest part of the night was just before dawn, and she believed the dawn she was waiting for would arrive. Hidden deep inside her manor, she slept. All her aspirations and dreams hidden deep in her heart. She wanted to break out of the cage they had created for her, but she knew her powers were not enough to do that.

A plan for an escape was getting created in her mind. She called all her sisters and discussed her plan with them, but none fearing their parents wanted to escape. “There are monsters outside we can never escape. Outside this house it is never safe. If you want, leave alone, we will never come with you,” All her sisters sang in unison.

Disappointed she left them. She wanted to leave her manor and run away to what lies beyond. Her house no longer felt like home to her, but more like a prison. She wished she could run away and never return. A world of color existed beyond her walls, and she wanted to go there as soon as she could. She didn’t want to spend her whole life trapped between the walls of her house. Her little heart prayed and wished for the land beyond. “One day I will escape and prove them the outside is a safe place. One day I will run away and they will wish they had followed me. One day…,”she slowly whispered these to herself, and waited for that one day to arrive.

– Jan @jahnavigouri


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