Scream and a cry: A poem

When the fire ablaze dies down
And the water comes rushing to town
There is ashes left, black and brown
Calm and open, waiting for the cloud

It is a no-man’s oath I now preach
Heading to somewhere dark and steep
I would fall down to the hollow deep
Waiting for prisoners, years to keep

I am going back to the devil’s land
Where I won’t find a good kind hand
People are selfish and half dead they stand
Upon the house that lives demand

I am going back to the oblong ground
Where goodness has died, evil surround
I am in a ride in a merry-go-round
I won’t get off as the screams get loud

Ties of horror, many are the crimes
Torn lives in darkness, disappear the time
Black coats and living souls reach the sky
Everything I hear is a scream and a cry

-Jan @jahnavigouri

29 thoughts on “Scream and a cry: A poem

    • This was actually a poem I wrote about a place were goodness has died and unkindness sits at the front row. And it’s true that as time passes unkindness is spreading on Planet Earth more and more. Thank you so much for reading!

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  1. It’s a beautiful poem! I would call it a dark beauty.
    I mean, this is more relatable to the night, the moon and the moonlight and not the sun specifically.
    Figuratively this poem defines current situation of our society.
    I consider each of your poem a masterpiece.

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